Lion Property Management, Fountain Valley, California

Don Deering brings his years of experience as a realtor to bear whenever he manages a property. He knows when a property is priced too low for the prevailing market and when to reduce rents in order to keep a good, steady tenant in a property.

In today’s challenging Property Management market Lion Property Management is more diligent than ever when it comes to screening rental applicants. They do lots of filtering of potential renters, often screening 10-15 applicants for a property before finding the right person.

Sure many people are leaving foreclosures and entering the rental property market but smart people have made an effort to keep up their credit by staying up to date on credit card payments in order to keep their credit score in the acceptable range.

A current bankruptcy is a warning sign. Unfortunately these people could attempt to roll their new rent expense in to their bankruptcy proceedings so this must be avoided. Even though today’s market is tough its still not advisable to rent to recently evicted people as well.

Lion Property Management is a full-service property management company: they shine in tough markets, they are problem solvers when you have problematic tenants. Lots of property owners who used to manage their own properties are coming to Lion Property Management now that the market has become so very challenging.

They check the following things with each prospective renter:

  1. Job Stability
  2. Income

The fees for Lion Property Management are 5% of the rental amount. This expense can often be offset by raising the rent. Many property that have been self-managed by the property owners are under market value. They can be a cost neutral/cost free service in these situations.

Lion Property Management does monthly drive by inspections of all single-family homes. They look for termite problems, overgrown trees or landscaping and deal with them immediately.
From Seal Beach to Laguna Niguel they have you covered.

There is a minimum 1 year contract involved and a $500 rental processing fee. Call Don Deering at 714-378-1480 for prompt service.

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