March 5th Meeting

First table topper: Mark Cherney, Music Man Event Professionals. Mark is an absolute professional Disc Jockey, he is NOT a hobbyist or craigslister looking for some side money. This is critical when planning your event. How do you know you can count on your DJ? Mark has tons of experience, knows how to quarterback your event, and has the happy clients to prove it. Weddings, parties, galas, anything and everything is possible. Music, lighting, everything you need to have a fun event! Contact Mark today at 949-940-8998.

Second table topper: Ed Manko, Ameriprise Financial. We’re looking at having the worst year since the Great Depression. People are pouring money into CD’s, which in turn makes their returns fall. There are other options for keeping your money safe such as S&P and Russell 2000 index certificates which guarantee a minimum rate. There are market opportunity CD’s as well. Protect your investments! Call Ed today at 949-250-3210 x 346.

First Presenter: Kathy Ahluwalia, Beach Trends. Kathy got her biggest account by passing out a 20 cent magnet to a fellow customer in a coffee shop. Just goes to show you what having a little knick-knack can do for your! She has 17 years of experience and can advise you on what products work well for your business. Remember, you have to stay your in your customers’ minds, especially in this economy. Don’t let them forget you! Grocery bags with your logo are very popular, and we’ll have a plastic bag tax soon in Orange County, so everyone will need reusable grocery bags. Everyone has the potential to give away a unique and memorable product. Contact Kathy today at 714-593-1113!

Second Presenter: Marc Winger, Zephyr Networks. Managed services is a new paradigm for IT. Zephyr Networks can monitor your computers 24/7 – remotely! They believe adamantly in prevention. With remote technology, they find out when something is wrong immediately and can execute a plan to fix it! Antivirus, spyware, backup, otimizing performance, software maintenance, network issues, are all part of what Marc can provide. Zephyr can also help you improve employee productivity with proactive suggestions such as content filtering for employees (blocking undesirable websites). Call Marc today at 800-884-7559!