Mark Yamamoto – Dentist – Huntington Beach, CA

Mark Yamamoto is a dentist in Huntington Beach, CA. He attended Loyola High School, went to Loyola College and trained as a dentist at Loyala Dental School.

He specializes in TMJ treatment and showed us the results of a recent case he treated. He adjusted this patients bite by adding material because her teeth were not shaped correctly. One tooth was too long while another tooth was too short. He created a model of her teeth and mouth in order to determine treatment. This is known as a “mounted model” study.

Dr. Mark finds it very rewarding to be able to produce a comfortable bite in patient who has been experiencing muscle pain, headaches or any of the other associated symptoms of TMJ. Even something as simple as a dental filling can cause a person to experience bite problems and experience myositis or muscle swelling.

We were allowed to see the before and after photos of this case because the patient was so pleased with the results that they signed a HIPPA paperwork allowing Dr. Mark to use their case for the purpose of teaching about dentistry and TMJ.

TMJ can have its genesis for many reasons: auto accidents, sports injuries, fist fights, teeth grinding at night. Teeth grinding can be treated with a mouth guard that is worn while sleeping. Often teeth grinding is an inherited trait.

If you need an terrific dentist in Huntington Beach, California feel free to contact Dr. Mark Yamamoto at 714-847-9900 or visit his web site at for more information.