Marty Lucie – Equipment Financing & Leasing – Westover Financial & Tim Graber – Mortgage Lender – Back Bay Funding

Marty Lucie is the Equipment Financing and Leasing expert of our group. He’s been in the Equipment Financing & Leasing industry for over 12 years with the last 8 1/2 years at He’s been a proud member of Business Growth Innovators for 7 years.

Marty specializes in structured leases, leases with terms that range from 12 months to 60 months (1 – 5 years) with larger loans, $1 million and over, sometimes lasting from 6 – 8 years. The term of a lease agreement is generally a reflection of the cash flow of a given company and is structured so that a company can stay within their means, easily paying off the loan in the agreed upon time frame.

Marty also works with a wide variety of equipment manufacturers and vendors to help their prospective customers get the funding they need to buy their new equipment. As such he can recommend reputable vendors with whom he has had a long term relationship. Copiers are one area that Marty stays away from because of the tendency of those offers to be bundled with supplies and servicing in such a way as to make determining the actual price of the copier very difficult. Other than copiers he can and will finance ANY kind of equipment.

Marty is a broker lender and, as such, has money to lend because he has many sources of funding to approach with your lease/loan requirements. If you’re looking for an equipment lease/loan give Marty a call at 800-982-5868 ext. 114 or visit the Westover Financial website at

Marty took the time to explain the sometimes indirect way that doing his business networking via Business Growth Innovators has worked. One lead he got through the Business Growth Innovators web site: a member of another Business Growth Innovators group, one that didn’t have an equipment financing person, found Marty’s profile/information on our Business Growth Innovators site and asked him to take a look at a possible deal. Marty funded the first lease successfully and now gets repeat leasing business from the gentleman, who is in the computer networking/IT services business, on an every other month or so basis.

Marty also mentioned his connection with the Trader magazine in the engine rebuilding industry. This is another connection through Business Growth Innovators that has yielded mutliple deals and ongoing relationships with other banks in the engine rebuilding industry that do equipment leasing/lending. These new bank associations have proven to be an additional source of ongoing deals.

Marty’s point was that Business Growth Innovators works though not always as quickly and directly as we would like or imagine it to so, stick with it!

Tim Graber – Mortgage Lender – Back Bay Funding
Tim Graber is one half of the team of Graber & Graber, our long standing members in the Mortgage Lending department, Janis Graber being the other half. The come to us with a background of 20 years experience in banking: processing, funding and underwriting home loans of all types. They have seen the ups and downs and seek to bring us all “Tranquility in a sea of mortgage confusion!” In addition Tim has his real estate license which gives him an added level of expertise.

Back Bay Funding is a botique mortgage brokerage firm located in Newport Beach, California. They are a small, agile team of highly trained, very experienced mortgage lenders that can help you with everything from load modification, debt consolidation up to loans for many millions of dollars. They have up to 30 companys at which to shop your loan. Of those they have 6 – 7 ones that are very good on Conforming Loans (up to $417,000) and 4 – 5 companys that are very good at Conforming Jumbo Loans (up to $650,000).

Tim will work with you to get you Pre-Qualified for the loan. This is an all important first step to see which properties you will actually be able to afford. He will work with your Real Estate agent, and explain to you every step of the processing and funding of your loan.

He recommends working on improving your FICO score. The top possible score is 990. It is possible, through the judicious use of credit cards, to improve your credit score. This will actually help you get a better rate on your loan when you work with a good lender.

Tim and Janis Graber are looking for clients that are interested in establishing a long-term trust relationship with their mortgage lenders. They have never done a reverse amortized loan and never will.

If you would like to talk to Tim Graber about loan modification, debt consolidation, mortgage loans or refinancing an existing loan please give him a call at 949-650-0770 or email him at