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Zoraima-FloresZoraima: A little bit different than [all of you], the business that I do. It’s a little bit hard to tie together massage therapy and being a business woman because you got to detach yourself from being grounded and peaceful and everything, to go out there and network yourself, but I’m really happy to be here with you.

I’ve been a message therapist since 1997. I started working with a chiropractor which led me to know that I was very interested in how the body heals and how we can help ourselves by doing other things rather than taking peels or taking medications or having surgeries. I was lucky enough to grow up with a few friends. Actually one of my friends had all in her family who were doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists.

I got really intrigued by how they were able to help people by poking, by putting needles in them. I was nine years old when I started actually working with them just like cleaning the office and everything. I saw different patients from having diabetes, liver problems, even cancer, they used to go to her and I remember seeing how they healed, so many of them.

I started my massage classes back in Mexico City, but I did practice just very little because my major was in visual arts, so I wanted to dedicate time for that. But when I got here, I saw the opportunity to take classes at Healing Hands. I don’t know if anybody is familiar with that school. It’s in Lake Forest and I was lucky enough to have very good instructors there. They were not only having a medical approach, but even a holistic approach as well. I learned to put together the body, the mind and the spirit. That’s what I bring to the table, actually. I bring it to the table, to the massage table, all my background and all the knowledge that I have gotten from my different… I call them my gurus because actually they have been very important to me in my career as a massage therapist.

In some testimonials people have said to me, “Well, you are a healer. When I have had a massage with you, I feel much better. I feel that a weight has been taken away from my shoulders.” And I’m thinking, well, I am not a healer. You guys are the ones that can heal yourselves. I’m just helping you to recognize those areas in your bodies that need help, but I’m not healing you. You are healing yourselves when you’re having therapy.

The benefits of having massage is, as I hand out some papers, you have them on the table. It’s not only when you go to a spa or you go to a resort or when you go out for vacations that you should have a massage. I think it’s very important that you have body treatment consistently because our bodies are… This is our home, like our first home. Without this home we don’t have anything.

As I experienced it myself too, I have gone through so many different illnesses and stress and everything, and probably that’s why I have pursued this career to heal ourselves and to heal other people, to help other people heal themselves, I don’t know.
Within the treatments that I do, of course, I have to put my name. I do customize the massages. Everyone needs a different treatment. Everyone has different necessities. If you will pay attention to your bodies… We all have pain, right? Or is there anybody in the room that doesn’t have any pain?

Business Growth Innovators Member: I think we have to settle for the pain.

Zoraima: You guys are looking around at each other like you are not guilty. So you guys don’t have any pain? Yeah, you do. But we use so many things to mask those pains, like drugs. Right? Pain killers, narcotics. What?

Business Growth Innovators Member: A glass of wine.

Zoraima: Wine, exactly, every night because you feel tired and you don’t want to feel the pain, right? So we do different things to not feel. That actually sometimes will get to not feel. I have experienced that. I have experienced taking pain killers, and, yeah, you don’t feel anything. But once you are out of it, then you feel everything, and it’s worse, okay?

When you are having a massage, you bring awareness to your body. You recognize those areas that need help. So I’m here to help you through that journey as well. If you want to start getting regular massages, you will see the process in your body, how you start wanting to get healthier and you start recognizing areas that you probably didn’t even know you had. Sometimes I’m massaging people and they say they don’t know which muscles I am working on. They are not in touch with themselves until actually somebody else is touching you.

Nobody sees your back until you get a massage and a massage therapist tells you, you have certain things in your back that you are not aware of. Yeah, I recommend you guys to get massages.
In my practice, again, I tell you I do Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy massage and hot stone massage. I have all my brochures here. Now, I do onsite massages. I go to peoples’ homes. I go to your office. I can be part of your conventions too as well. You can attract more traffic if you have a massage therapist at your booth, of course. Yeah, I also work at Pelican Hill part-time if you will like to come and see me there as well. That’s it. So any questions that you have?

Business Growth Innovators Member: So you work at Gills sometimes during the week?

Zoraima: Not anymore. No, I stopped working at Gills two weeks ago, I guess.

Business Growth Innovators Member: So it’s mostly…

Zoraima: It’s onsite. Now I do it more onsite. It’s a mobile spa. So I bring all this to your place. I have actually a total of eight tables. So I can bring them to you and I don’t have to bring them back and forth. I can leave them at your place, of course, if you want me to. If you have a place where I can accommodate the table, that will your small spa at home as well. Or in your office, too.

Also, I use very fine products. Like Body Bliss, it’s the oil that I use and the oil is based on olive oil, avocado and jojoba; which are very organic and no allergic reactions that I have experienced. Nobody has had allergic reactions from that. I use aromatherapy as well. The oils that I use are do TERRA, I don’t know if anybody is familiar with that brand. Yeah?

Business Growth Innovators Member: I got some.

Zoraima: Oh, you did. Okay. They are really good oils as well. I don’t use anything that has synthetic oils or any mineral oils. Mineral oil is not good for the body. So I try to use the best products that I can.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Zoraima comes to our offices and basically gives everybody a massage and it just has an amazing transformative effect on the office, very frenetic and tends to really relax and calm everybody.

Zoraima: Thank you, Mark. Thank you so much.

Business Growth Innovators Member: I highly recommend it. You want to get the morale up.

Zoraima: Thank you, and I bring everything. You don’t have to worry about anything, sheets, oils, music. I bring music. I bring anything.

Business Growth Innovators Member: That’s very nice.

Zoraima: So thank you so much.

If you need a massage therapist in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach call Zoraima Flores at 949-236-0125 for an appointment.
Based at Body Wise Fitness in Costa Mesa she is available throughout Orange County by appointment.

Zoraima Flores
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