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Jairo Ramirez Jr. of Ramirez Mobile Detailing - serving all of Orange County, CA

Jairo Ramirez Jr. of Ramirez Mobile Detailing – serving all of Orange County, CA

Jairo Ramirez Jr.
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Jairo Ramirez: I just wanted to point out something Jesus was saying. We do need to save water. People for us are like it’s not raining – it’s good for you guys, but actually when it rains it benefits us because prices keep low. Right now, our licenses for the season are starting to go up because we need water. Just one of the things I point out, we do, by law, we have to recycle all water. We have a mat that we put on the floor. We drive the cars up, and it holds, it contains the water from going into the streets and sewers and by law we could dispose of it on the grass, plants, and that’s how we recycle the water. A lot of people – you follow us on Facebook. We do a lot of different things. We do – other than cars – we do boats, RV’s, off-road vehicles, trailers, fifth wheels. I could go on and on, but today I just want to open it up to any questions about a lot of different things. Pat?

Pat: So what about fiberglass? Is that what you’re talking about – you can take water spots out of fiberglass?

Jairo Ramirez: Yes. We can work on fiberglass. It’s different from car paint, but we do have the products to work on it because that’s what boats and mostly RV’s come with. We do work on them.

Male Speaker: If you have to poor the water – if you have to recycle it, does that mean you’re using eco-friendly soap and products like that?

Jairo Ramirez: Yes, because the state required products to change the chemicals that they use, so 90% of our chemicals are eco-friendly. A lot of people who call Rochester are like you guys spend a lot of money on products, but it is one of the reasons why we do it – because it is eco-friendly and it’s more quality. Senn?

Sean: Does waxing actually protect the car too?

Jairo Ramirez: Waxing does protect the paint if taking the right steps, because it’s not just about putting on the wax. First you’ve got to clean the… what we do is a treatment on the car that helps remove rust and oxidation off the paint. Then we do the clay bar and finish taking off the rest, and most people after that, they put on the wax, but if the paint is faded, we’ll mostly polish it to bring some shine back into it. And then, after that, we apply the wax and a sealant for the wax to hold on more.

Male Speaker: I’ve got a question. What is this clay bar?

Jairo Ramirez: It’s a clay bar. It’s just like, it looks like molding clay, but it’s a clay that was designed back a ways before. It was meant to remove over spray, but they found out that this clay bar it helps also remove fall out which is like those little dust you start to see on the cars and rust and oxidation of the paint. This clay looks like Play Dough, similar to that, but it can only be used on cars. It’s not just any regular clay. So that’s what it really does. It helps clean the paint.

Male Speaker: It has taken the place of rubbing compound, hasn’t it? Because in the old days, we used to use rubbing compound.

Jairo Ramirez: Yes. A lot of people when they wax, they use a heavy buffer. Every time we have to use a heavy buffer, we always run the risk of either burning the paint or if it’s heavy it smoothes pretty quickly, so you can sometimes lose control it may damage the car, so that’s why we have two machines which is a heavy buffer. We have a smaller one called porter cable, and that one, you can leave it on the paint for 10-15 minutes, and it will never burn the paint. So those are what we use to do the finish on the car. Any more questions? Thank you.