Mobile DJ Orange County – Weddings, Quincenearas – James Meads

James Meads, our Mobile DJ, is a native of Northern California and a diehard Fortyniners fan. He’s been in the DJ business for over 20 years and knows the music of his youth, Fats Domino, Smokey Robinson to the rock and disco of the ’70’s to the New Wave of the ’80’s and beyond.

When disco came around he got in to dancing as a way to meet girls. Going to all-age nightclubs in Westwood gave him the idea that he wanted to become a DJ. He began to buy DJ gear and records and started doing parties for his friends and classmates. It went over so well that he started buying professional gear, dual CD players and the like and began DJ’ing the weddings of his friends and classmates.

In the ’90’s he learned that hip hop and rap were NOT for weddings and he began to move in the direction of laptop that could contain over 2,000 songs, something for every kind of function or event up to and including Christian music.

He can do big band and swing music, weddings and Christmas parties. He no longer uses CDs except for a case he carries as a backup in case of problems with his computer system.

He now offers Karaoke and has a catalog of over 50,000 songs. His partner does Quinceanearas as well.

He meets with the host of each party or the lucky couple if its a wedding in order to personalize the selection to the event. He tries to make every event a success and a fun time for all involved.

James Meads can be reached at 714-642-0384 or