Motorcycle Season in Orange County, California

Don Sjaarda, our Personal Injury Attorney in Fountain Valley, Orange County, Calfornia has just written an excellent post about our good fortune living here with the good weather, beaches, mountains and more.

He is a motorcycle rider himself and so can speak candidly on the topic. Here’s an excerpt:

“In California we are blessed with a year-round riding season. But unless we use our motorcycles for commuting we tend to ride more often in the summer months. If you have not been on your motorcycle for a while you need to observe a few safety tips to keep it fun.

Before you jump on your cycle and head for the hills take a few moments to make sure your machine is ready. Check your tires for wear, damage and air pressure. Check your oil and don’t forget your radiator fluid if you have a water-cooled engine. It is wise to follow the lead of airplane pilots and follow a pre-ride checklist. Every time.

As tempting as it is to just throw on a light jacket and go you should take the time to put on appropriate motorcycle gear. I see so many motorcyclists riding in T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops that I have to wonder if they have ever seen severe road rash. Everybody knows that a full-face helmet, leather or Kevlar fabric jackets and pants, and boots designed for motorcyclists are the safest thing to wear. Most accidents happen close to home, so don’t get lazy because you are just going on a short ride.”

To read the complete article and many more on the topic of motorcycle riding and safety visit his blog, Motorcycle Accident Attorney Orange County.