Moving & Storage Orange County, California – Judy Bartel – Alex Moving & Storage

Judy Bartel has 26 years of in the United States after arriving from her native Germany. She is a proud representative of Alex Moving & Storage a division North American Van Lines. Judy feels that her job is to give cost effective estimates to people who need moving help. She reminds us that, in order to save money, the mover must be as prepared as possible. She told us a “worst case scenario” story in which a straightforward move was made more expensive by the customer’s constant changes at the last minute and lack of preparedness.

Alex Moving & Storage is insured for $1,000.000.00. The can move motorcycles and cars. She reminded us that there is NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH. What seems like a “cheap” move often has hidden expenses so be careful and call her for a realistic quote.

Judy Bartel 714-968-1716