November 20 Meeting

First table topper: Shelly Kincaid, our photographer, brought in several of her photos.
She just finished her 11th half marathon last week in San Antonio. Way to go, Shelly!

Second table topper: Glenn Ballard of Ballard & Ballard Jewelers brought in a very shiny assortment of rings and Ballard watches. Ballard & Ballard branded watches are guaranteed for life and include free batteries forever! Diamond stud earrings are one of their most popular items and there are always plenty in stock. They are still very busy even in these uncertain economic times. Probably helps that they’ve been around for 90+ years providing quality jewelry and service.

First Presenter: Bruce Beinlich of C.R. Beinlich & Sons Construction. Bruce is a 2 year member and has been married for seven years. He has two beautiful kids and loves to play tennis, and golfs with his dad once a month. He’s been in construction business for 18 years with brother Greg, but the company has been around for over 40 years. Today Bruce talked about bath and kitchen remodels. The typical bath remodel runs anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. Average for a typical tract house is $15,000. Kitchens also average $15,000. Beinlich can do townhouses as well. Almost all of their work is referral-based. Many customers have done multiple remodels over the course of many years. He is fully insured even though it is not required by law for general contractors. Bruce personally supervises every job and doesn’t disappear leaving his employees to finish everything. He gives very thorough estimates and his quotes generally are middle-of-the-road but very accurate. Call Bruce at 714-773-0306

Second Speaker: Don Deering of Lion Property Management. Don was born and raised in Southern California. He met wife 47 years ago swing dancing in Encino! He’s got trophies proving his dance skills too. Don was a former Love’s BBQ owner before getting into real estate as an agent. Later on, he bought a small property management company from coworker and has made it grow ever since. In general, rentals are up these days because sellers can’t sell their homes. Many owners who previously managed their own properties are now calling for help because many tenants aren’t paying due to job loss and other economic hardships. Evicted tenants are also trashing properties. Why deal with the headache? Call Don. They only charge 5% of rent which pays for itself with once rental increase, which is probably due on your property anyway. He’s very good at setting appropriate market rent. Lion Properties always carries out triple checks on potential tenants, which screens those who are going through bankruptcy or have been evicted before. This results in a less than 1% eviction rate! Lion Property Managment covers Long Beach to Laguna and inland OC. Call them today at 714-378-1480!