Panasonic Phone Systems & General Contractor Orange County

First table topper: Bruce Beinlich, C.R. Beinlich & Sons Construction Corp. Bruce is our general contractor. He does room additions and remodeling, as well as light commercial improvement. Contact him at 714-773-0306.

Second table topper: Don Deering, Lion Properties (Property Management). Why deal with the hassle and stress of trying to find tenants for your property? Don showed us a standard renter’s application that they use to make sure if an applicant is going to be a good long-term renter. Contact Don at 714-378-1480.

First Presenter: Dennis Jenkins, Dennis Jenkins Co, telephone systems. Dennis showed off a new product that uses pure IP. Why IP? If you have one or more locations and want to connect them in a better way. For example, you can have an office cell phone that keeps you on the same extension, with the same number, no matter which location you’re at. The phone can hand off from one base to another base. An ideal tip is someone who’s having problems with their current phone system, or someone who’s moving their business. Another great tip is someone who wants portability without sacrificing convenience.

Second Presenter: Don Sjaarda, personal injury attorney. Don told us a story about an intersection collision where both the truck and car said they went on green. The car driver had surgery, physical therapy, and was out of work. The truck driver was driving under the influence but the car driver could only get pain suffering if he could prove liability. If truck driver is convicted for DUI, the car driver can sue for restitution in criminal court. Then there’s the standard offer that the insurance company will make. There are many options to consider because he will have to return money depending on what claims are awarded. It can get complicated quick, so his best bet is to talk to Don. Some tips for if you get into an accident: take photos after accident, don’t accept fault! Don gets paid on contingency so you might as well have his advice early. You can call Don right after an accident for help, 714-963-8216.