October 23rd Meeting

We welcomed 3 guests today! Ralph from Protection One Security, Mark the Mobile DJ, and Eric from Monroe Consulting. Hope to see you again soon.

Showboater: Carlos Yuriar, John Hancock Financial Network, 949-794-1031, providing long-term health care insurance. Carlos started to focus on long-term care when he experienced some personal awareness moments. First, a friend got mild retardation after dirt biking accident and needed extensive care including a year of physical therapy. Then, his Godfather had a stroke and wasn’t found until an hour later, he needed care. Finally, his own father takes care of his grandfather, who would need outside help if he didn’t have his son’s help. You’re never too young to prepare, so consider talking to Carlos today.

Second Speaker: Eric Evans, Farmers Insurance. Eric was born in Tennessee, plays the guitar, bass, and drums. He likes camping, coaches AYSO, and is involved with Scouts. He has been a Farmer’s Agent for 5 years. He can usually save a business thousands of dollars off of Workers Compensation Insurance. Today, Eric introduced us to EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance). This is a valuable coverage that is automatically included in all business policies. It covers harssment, discrimination, wrongful termination, wrongful refusal to hire, etc. The coverage kicks in immediately when someone makes a claim against your business, and Farmers has a special 800 number to advise you on what to do when it happens. 67% of plantiffs typically win these types of lawsuits. The average award is $40k. Average cost of defense is $42k. These would break most small businesses. Make sure you are covered!