October 2nd Meeting

First Showboater: Terry Singleton of Termite Terry Pest Control. Terry is going to tell us how a $200 investment became over $10,000 in new business! We can’t wait, Terry!

Second Showboater: Sally Chiappone of Juice Plus+. Sally told us about a Fox News doctor who gave another unpaid endorsement for Juice Plus, the most directly researched nutritional product on the market today.

First Speaker: Pat Roque of Pat’s Custom Carpet Care. Pat placed first in his last jet ski race, congratulations! When it comes to problem carpet, Pat’s the man to call. He can find sources of mildew and perform water restoration on any building. He can also clean upholstery, saving businesses thousands of dollars by cleaning, rather than throwing out, dirty office chairs. Pat serves all of Orange County and LA County. Some tips for you out there: a shop vac is a great investment for cleaning up spills on carpets. Scotch Guard is also a good preventative measure. Because Pat’s equipment is so powerful, he can use very hot water, which means less chemicals in your home or office. Give him a call at 714-596-5408.

Second Speaker: Tim Graber, Back Bay Funding. Tim introduced us all to his boss, Dean. In the midst of all this financial mess and credit crunch, Back Bay is still doing refi’s and providing loans to qualified customers. Their new equity key program (funded by KBC Bank) is great for those over 65 years of age. The program provides cash for FUTURE appreciation and preserves your current equity. Qualified single family residences and commercial properties can net up to 30% of the value of the property for a married couple on title. This is a new, unique program that is a viable option for retired couples who would like to cash out future equity on their home. Contact them today!