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Marc Winger, our computer networking and computer repair expert based in Newport Beach but serving all of Orange County, California, told us about the importance of backing up our “mission critical” data.

He says that “nothing is worse than data loss” and that it will run anywhere from $200 – $300 just to have a hard drive looked at and between $1,000 – $2,000 to have it recovered. He recommends an active, ongoing data back up plan and even suggests using the online backup services such as Mozy, Carbonite or Crash Plan. His company,, offers network-wide remote monitoring as well.

Marc related his concept of “redundant redundancy” or two copies of every important file and said that every company needs to, seriously, have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place. He recommended searching for the term online to find a template that we can make our own.

Recently after a major fire at one of his clients in Tustin he set up the clients network in the owner’s garage and had him back up and running using a disk image-based back up he had made of their server. A disk image, he explained, is a snap shot of the entire server at a given point in time.

Marc recently had an “aha” moment when a client’s RAID array failed on their server and he moved a server that he had in stock in to place and was able to restore from a disk image-based back up. Everyone needs to know about automated disk image-based backups of the type offered by Seagate back up drives.

Marc also recommends Storagecraft’s Shadow Protect.

If your company needs to get a back up system in place to protect YOUR mission critical business files give Marc Winger a call.

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