Operation Christmas Child Program – National Collection Week 11/18-25


Operation Christmas Child Program

National Collection Week is 11/18-25.  That is after our Growth Group is completed.  We can start collecting boxes (empty or complete) now and ask people to get them to us before our last Growth Group meeting on 11/12.  The reality is that we will get boxes all the way up until Christmas.  In the past our family has received boxes on Christmas Day.

The collection centers are closed by then so we just save those few that are too late until the next year.  We just tell the giver it is never too late to avoid discouraging them.  The local collection site will be open until mid December.  I will be glad to make as many trips as needed to get the boxes there.  I will include more on the timeline my family will be using for outreach below.

OCC FAQ link

How to Pack A Shoe Box Video

How to pack a Shoe Box PDF / Print Label Tag

Gift Suggestions:

You can get everything you need at Big Lots or The 99 Cent Store.  My sons and I went to the 99 Cent Store this weekend and bought gifts for three boxes.  I will bring them in to the meeting tomorrow as samples.  A box usually costs about $25 total. ($7 for shipping and $15-$18 worth of goodies)

New Follow Your Box Program:

If the giver pays online with a credit card, debit card or gift card they can track their box and find out what country it is going to.  This is encouraging to the giver and prevents us, or Seabreeze, from handling cash and all that comes with that.

Link to Follow Your Box Donation