Optometrist Orange County – Dr. Khan Tran of HighStandardsEyeCare.com

Dr. Khan Tran of Attentive Eye Care, our optometrist based in Anaheim but serving all of Orange County, California, is a graduate of the Southern California College of Optometry. He believes that “an educated patient is a healthy patient” and that “you are your eyes” so its best to take care of them!

As many have attested to, he has a very well-equipped state of the art facility and has recently moved in to a completely new office. Why not pay him a visit? Your eyes will appreciate it.

Dr. Tran had a word of warning: “Not all sunglasses are created alike”. Any pair of sunglasses you buy should have UV coating in order to protect you against macular degeneration.

He made the point that in order for prevention to work early detection was the key: get those eyes checked yearly, folks.

Keep your eyes for a lifetime with sound advice and great treatment. Call Dr. Khan Tran today!

Fax: 206-350-8238
3010 W Orange Ave, Ste 110
Anaheim, California 92804