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Osanna: My name is Osanna, and I am from the dry cleaning. And we have been in the business in 25 years, and we use GreenEarth only which means no chlorine, no . . . I have to read it, no petrochemicals, which means the white stays white, no odor and no shrinking, I mean, just a pure.

This is a chemical that we use. This is the water that I have. So you can see the difference. There is no difference between. So there is no stain. When you put your whites and that is going to come out just like that. Then after cleaning, so this is the one your dirty clothes comes out. Then after it dries out, it comes like that. It goes to the soil. So there is no environmental. I mean environmentally safely at all.

And I also do the tailoring, and I learned from the tailoring from my mom and my old sister. When we were growing up my mom used to say, “If you want your clothes, you need to help us out.” So you have to sew. So we always sit down and do it together, and so was my sister too.

I really want to take a chance right now that I want to talk about my family and the growing up and everything. I’m the sibling of the four. I’m the youngest. I was the baby of my father, especially today, it’s a very special day for me. Forty one years ago today, my father and my uncle got in the car accident and passed away. Because that we are Armenian, we were Christian, there was a lot of things that we can do. We cannot do.

We weren’t even allowed to grieve to our father. They were in an accident and they left them in the city four hours. My uncle, gained the unconsciousness and they tried to get help and somebody helped them and they take them to the hospital. When they arrived to the hospital, my father was already gone. And they said, “You’re just fine,” they said to my uncle and 40 days later he passed away too.

And this is the way we could never speak our language. We went to the Armenian school, Christian school. We learned Armenian school but Armenian, but when we would go out, we were never allowed to speak Armenian because we were scared that something going to happen to us.

So, when we get married, we said, “We have to go. We have to have our freedom. We do whatever. It doesn’t . . . money is not important. Whatever we could do.” So we came.

We started dry cleaning business, my husband and I. And I said, “I’m going to do the tailoring, don’t worry about it, we can do this one to us.” And thank God I had such a great relationship with my customers. They were like a family to me. They helped us out tremendously.

When I was pregnant, I went to a hospital and to check-up and I called from them and I said, “Misa [SP], they said that I’m going to have a C-section.” And he goes, “Okay hon, you have your C-section. I’ll be there.” So 12:00 my baby born. At 6:30, my husband closed the shop. He came to see the baby.

But my customer goes, “Why didn’t you go?” He goes, “well, I was scared to close the door.” So these are the good stories that we have. Then after I had a beautiful girl. As I said, “My customers were like follow us to us. Wherever you go, you go behind you. Don’t you worry about it.” So they made us very successful, and I just cannot appreciate enough for them. I’m done. If you guys have any question, I’ll be glad to answer.

Man: I think you should tell . . . I mean, make sure everybody knows about the tuxedos because I mean tuxedos, not everybody does.

Osanna: Well, my tuxedos, I charge them for $45. Reason is because I own all of them. I don’t repurchase from the outside. What do you call? It’s not sub-leased from the outside. And I’m not demanding on the tuxedos because I have my dry cleaning, so I can go as low as $45, I don’t mind. I don’t mind to making hundreds of the dollars out of the tuxedos. I just wanted to see that when the kids come over, I have a great story.

It was the homecoming and three guys walked in and they just want to have the tuxedos. And so, “This is the place you guys have to come over. I went for the prom and not only got the tuxedos $45 even we had our lunch over here too.” So, these are the little stories that if I see the kids happy, I’m happy. I don’t mind the money. I’m not into the money. I mean money is good but for something if I see them happy, if I see them to dress up very nicely the way I wanted to, I’ll be happy for them too.

So, if you guys have any weddings coming up, grooms is always free, no matter what. I always say five pays and the sixth free but just say I always do it, just because they give their business to me, I always honor to a bride too. She deserves something too. So, I gave her either dry cleaning free for the wedding gown and the box, I do that for them. Or if they need alteration for their wedding gown, or they need to press anything, I always provide for them too. So, to me, customer is not a customer. When they walk in, they are my family. I love to be friends with them and I always continue with that.

Man: Nice.

Osanna: Thank you.

Man: Where are you located?

Osanna: I’m at Huntington Beach, Edinger and Springdale and the second location is [inaudible 00:06:45]

Woman: Where is the second one?

Osanna: 5061 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Woman: That’s the one that I went to.

Man: So you do alterations as well?

Osanna: Yes, we do alterations. Alterations and tailoring is our main thing. I don’t do custom made but if bring and I have another story for that too. Do I have time? Okay.

Man: Yeah.

Osanna: The one lady walked in. She’s coming from all the way from the Laguna Beach, and she went to Fashion Island and they recommended to me. And she came over and she said, “Well, my daughter is going to get married and she wants to wear my wedding gown which is 1970s wedding gown for her shower.” I said, “Okay.”

So she brought the wedding gown, this old poufy and everything. You remember the 1970s? Yeah. She brought them over all the laces and everything. I said, “Okay.” So I just tear apart everything. I take out all that [inaudible 00:07:41] stuff. So I just made it for her, the little short dress. She looked so cute. I cannot even tell how cute she is and she said, “I wish if I knew that I would wear this one as a wedding gown.” Because if I wouldn’t cut the length she would’ve wear it and she goes, “I wish I would sew.” That’s another story out there. Bring the material out with whatever you guys want.

Man: That’s great.

Osanna: Thank you.

Osanna Olgun, Edindale Cleaners & Tuxedo

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