Panasonic Phone Systems in Orange County and Los Angeles with Dennis Jenkins, DJC

Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Service

Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Servic

Internet – We’re doing all of that, and we do that because why? Because it’s cost-effective, because we have some portability so that if you’re going to move, you take the whole company and just move it and suddenly your phone lines follow you along, your Internet is more dynamic than the traditional phone lines, and yesterday we were talking about is a hosting solution so you just pick up the phone and move it, you don’t even need a box, the box is in the Cloud. Mark knows all about the Cloud.

The dynamics of telecommunications is perpetually moving, constant changing and one of the things I noticed in the meeting yesterday is a phone that looks like an iPad, but it’s in the Android platform and it has a headset on it. But it also, push the phone out of the way, there’s a browser. So that means you don’t have such a footprint on your desk, things are more dense and compact.

So I was thinking about conference calls this morning and thought I should tell you about some cool things going on. One thing really happening in that environment is let’s say you’ve got an office over there, and an office over there. Using SepTrons,  you can link them so it can, if someone’s not at this store, it can be used at this store because we’re not busy using a box.

So boom, nobody answers, it’s answered over here. Four-digit dialing, you don’t need an IPN to do it, meaning there’s less hardware. If you’re thinking about barbecue and you happen to be driving on Harbor Blvd, you’ll see Barbecue Grill, and their store, they don’t even have a PBX but it’s connected to Santa Ana. If they have a call come in and it’s 949, Lake Forest, it comes in to Santa Ana. Same concept applies with SepTrons where you’re using a hosted solution. So there’s a lot of dynamic going on here, and I may have gone past a few… Do I still have your attention?

So all of that technology being said, there’s another aspect of this. With our creed, “Dollars in your pocket”, I was meeting with someone the other day, he can say $100 a month right now, all he has to do is pull the trigger, and doing that, he’s buying hardware. At the end of the lease, he gets 2 of these ($100) a month. That’s dollars in your pocket, that’s what we do, that’s why we’re here. Telecommunications is here to help, we can make your business more profitable, more flexible, more dynamic.

You said something about hosting on the premises. You do both?

Yeah, Panasonic has all kinds of things, yesterday, they said they want to sell white boards because Panasonic makes them. They want to sell TVs because Panasonic makes it. Anything electronic, Panasonic makes it, so they said ‘Why don’t we take this sales force which is about 80% consumer and 20% business-to-business and push our people to drive into that other area where it becomes a bigger business to business solution? Have you ever worked at a fax machine or a copy machine? What a pain. But if you need help with that, I’ll come out and try to create this unification that you want going on. But yes, we can do that. With that same process, let’s assume you have that business set up and today it’s necessary to stay in Ledara (?) but today, you’re still going to be taking some calls. So you’d take the phone, plug it in at home, now your home office is working today and you’re able to do whatever you need to do in your home office. Maybe that’s because of peace and quiet, maybe you’ve got kids to watch, but in any case, you’ve got portability and it doesn’t matter where you go in the Host Solution (?). So that’s something they’re pushing and there is a good reason to use those two in some environments and a good reason to use hardware in another environment. Do you know the difference? If not, I can help you with that too.

So when the lease is paid off, your expense goes down even more. What kind of longevity do those phones have? 5 years? The only compelling reason to update would be some feature, right?

Technology will probably outdate the product long before it expires. I’ve got people, 25 years ago, they have no voicemail, nothing. But it still works. So he’s got his old Harley and his old phone system, it’s pretty old, but it keeps working. The hardware keeps working. So the answer is you can probably keep running it as long as you’re willing to work with that day’s technology set.

The switch mechanism where all the phones are patched to the main PBX system, that piece seems like the weak link in the chain with a little fan running in it. What’s the longevity of that?

I have yet to have one fail and the product has a life of 6 years, so I’ve yet to see a fan fail at this point. I would suspect in all honesty, if you have an interruption, there’s a lot of dust in your environment. Because I’ve seen a lot of dust in fans for PCs, and what they’ll tell you is you have to take that out and dust it off.

Do you have phone recording, average time on the phone, phone recording, volume of phone calls?

You’re looking for call reporting so you want a record of the call or a voice copy?

Copy of voice and average time on the phone. So you’re looking for call center information. The short answer is yes. Panasonic is good at partnering with people, so other third-party companies have come together to interact. I’ve got a limo company down the street and they do a lot of this because they broker information, so if there’s a question about the fee for service, here’s a copy of the recording, you can listen to it. Very important to them, so yes, we can do that, no problem.

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