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Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Service

Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Service

Dennis: What does this thing do? This particular phone has . . . yeah, it’s going to be a moving target John.

John: Okay.

Dennis: Do what you got to do because . . .

John: I’ll do what I can do.

Dennis: I don’t stand still; I get really nervous in these environments.
This particular phone gives you the ability to sync all of your Google Contacts. They’re right on the phone, you look them up; the same way you do here. Wait, that’s a [inaudible: 00:27]. Here, that’s that phone. Once they’re there at your fingertips, they’re easy to manage. It also synchronizes your Google Calendar.

If you are at your desk doing something, or on your phone, on a cell phone, whatever you’re doing, your Google Calendar is right there. You can do that in conjunction with other events. You can be taking pictures of something; check your Google Calendar.

What’s the fit for something like this? It works for the Kindle, doesn’t it? What’s the fit for something like this? This type of a phone works very, very well from a fit standpoint in a small entrepreneurial environment. Why? Once it’s configured, you plug it into the network; it goes and finds its PBX in the sky. It has all the PBX features, and you’ve got all the functionality locally.

Let’s say that you did construction, and Bruce drives up to a place and it turns out that they have internet connection in the house. Plugs it in; phone’s working. He gets calls right here. Goes to the next job, plug-and-play. Easy, good fit.

En route, he stops and gets a cup of coffee. He says, “You know, I should probably make a couple of calls, or I want to see if I’m getting any calls.” Just like Quinn asked, he says, “What if I opened my laptop at Starbucks; can I get a call while I’m there?” Yeah, you can do that. Here comes the call. It would offer it to the phone, but it would also offer to an app on your laptop or on your cell phone. That would be a Wi-Fi solution. If you’re counting minutes, it’s Wi-Fi; it’s free. That’s one of the fits that happens with that.

I’m going to give you one more: Let’s just say you have a mail center. I would like to do this, just to see who’s drinking, who’s watching, and who’s paying attention. You have this mail center, and you’ve got a line or two. You want a couple of phones, and then you buy another one in Colorado. Would you ever buy that one? Look how quiet it got over there. He’s paying attention, too. That’s great, isn’t it?

You buy this other one Colorado, and it’s such a good profit center because you know how to make it profitable, but you need continuity between those locations. Plug it in, in Colorado. Now you’ve got stores tied together, they’re all extensions. Call comes in; you want to pick up the call because Colorado is closed today, but you can still pick up the call. You have that functionality. Your ongoing costs are relatively small; your upfront costs are relatively small compared to the price of a PBX. For that, you’ve got that small business, get started, a good platform to start growing.

That’s what I thought I would talk about today. This one’s really, really fancy, high-end; it’s basically a tablet with a handset. This guy over here does pretty good, he’s got about 48 buttons that you can program. If you got one-touch buttons, you can just push that button, ‘boom’, it’s there. It’s very simple, it’s very straightforward, and again, plug-and-play. Very simple, very functional, and very cost-effective to get started.

One other thing that really does very, very nicely is once in a while, you’ll get . . . have you ever got a text from somebody who had the wrong number? You’re back and you’re forth, and you’re back and you’re forth. Pretty soon you figure out “Wow. What?” Finally, you get that little piece of information that wakes things up and says, “Who are you”? The good news of a phone call is you usually have some level of voice recognition, because you recognize people’s voices and you say, “Oh, yeah. I’m talking to somebody. That’s good.” Sometimes a text can lead you astray, like Richard’s introduction this morning. I’m sorry. Where you listening, Harry?

When you have voice recognition of a natural phone call, you do a much better job of conducting business efficiently and accurately. Questions?

Business Growth Innovators Member: Can I get one of those phones and adapt it to the rest of my phone system?

Dennis: Yes, you can. It will work very well with your new phone system.

Business Growth Innovators Member: My new phone system?

Dennis: How about that [inaudible: 06:02]? You picked it up that fast, didn’t you?

Business Growth Innovators Member: That’s what I do.

Dennis: Yeah, there you go. That’s why I gave it to you. Here’s the point of that, and I’ll be right with you. The point about this . . .This is a SIP protocol. It’s a little newer. That’s my nice way of saying it. A little newer than what yours supports, and that’s why the new system comes into play. Yes, it can do that. It’s designed primarily to be a hosted solution so your PBX doesn’t even have to be involved, but, yes, it will work on PBX. Pat?

Business Growth Innovators Member: What do you mean by plug in? Plug in to a wall or plug in to a Wi-Fi? Plug it in [inaudible: 06:52]. What do you mean?

Dennis: Plug into a wall that is a network connection. Wi-Fi is a wireless solution. You just wave it in the air.

Business Growth Innovators Member: You plug in a power cord?

Dennis: That’s Wi-Fi. That doesn’t work. It needs to be a network connection. In my application, my example, frequently, people have a network connection in their home where Bruce would be able to walk right over, plug it in. It’s connected through their local network, out to their internet, and connecting to that service provider.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Can we use it as a fax connection?

Dennis: No, it doesn’t do fax.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Doesn’t do fax.

Dennis: It is a voice solution; it’s not a fax solution. I know you’re just waiting, Jim, aren’t you? No other questions? Thank you very much for your time.

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