Panasonic Phone Systems in Orange County with Dennis Jenkins

I am involved in the telecommunications industry. What that really does is how businesses communicate. It is how you get things done. I was thinking about something last night. I was thinking about the word “thanks.” Now if you write “thanks,” you’ve communicated something. You can say “Thanks.” (surly) or “Thanks!” (cheery) When you write it, you get one event, when you speak it you get a range of events. Communication today is interesting. We do a great deal of it through texting, email, etc. While all of that is very good, it is not as good a form of communication as speaking the words, getting the inflection, really getting that pronunciation that drives the point home. Now, with that, here comes the communication equipment. This is the digital set. You’ve probably seen this at a lot of shiny places; it’s been around for years.

Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Service

Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Service

The IP set over there is very similar. The only difference is how it talks to its server, if you will. Then you get into some other ones. This has a touch screen. One utilization of this was when the guy said that he wanted to have all of his personal speed dials in one place where nobody else could get to them. This one gives you 300 tables all of them on this screen you just touch one and you’re there. It’s done okay. The other positives of this: with the Panasonic cameras you can have cameras up all over the place. When a call is coming in you can just glance at the phone and you could be looking at cameras to survey the area. If you’d like to keep an eye on your property. These guys are getting really popular.

Wherever I am in the home, it rings I have it and I can answer it. If the doorbell rings I can pick it up and answer it. Why? Because we can integrate all of those components. We can open the gate, we can open the garage door if we wanted to; we have a lot of control. Small homes or large companies, it does not matter we can help in the telecommunications industry.

On Tuesday, I had an appointment and the gentleman stated that he had business opening up in Carson and Jersey and wanted to know if he could connect all of them. Yes we can. We can use the digital sets he already has in L.A. and we can put any of the aforementioned units in Carson or New Jersey. What does that do? It creates unification. Customer service call comes in. They’re busy in this area, oh we can put them over to this area for the calls to be answered. If you are driving down the I-5 and you see L.A. Boxing and the BBQ grill. The BBQ Outlet doesn’t have a phone system there.

The call comes in and goes to Santa Anna. It will offer to the Lake Forrest outlet first and if that is busy then it will go to the Santa Anna number and vice versa. The same thing happens in Fullerton. We expand. We have the ability to be very dynamic about what we do. We are very informative with what we do. But the most important thing is that if you are not communicating, you’re not doing business and that’s what we are all here for. Questions?

So you sell the phones and you also sell the services?

I can help you with the services. Oh! Good story on that. I can do the services, the dial tone provision. I’ve got a guy who’s a P.R.I. from a company that we won’t mention, TelePacific, and it keeps failing. They say oh it’s this, oh it’s that oh whatever. What I’m going to do for that guy is I am going to bring a T 1 into the building and I’m going to bring a cable into the building; two different providers, two different ways in the door. IF one goes out you’ve got the other. It’s a 24-hour , 365 operation. We have the ability and resources to create failovers, to create a full-proof kind of thing so that if this one fails we go to the other. We’ve got that resource for you and we can build that type of resource for you if that’s what your company needs.

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