A Passion for Photography with Shelley Kincaid, ShelleyKincaidPhotography.com

Wedding Photographer Huntington Beach - ShelleyKincaidPhotography.com

Wedding Photographer Huntington Beach – ShelleyKincaidPhotography.com

Shelley: I started out working with different photographers in the area, and I went on to do about 30 Japanese weddings a month. And so I would work at Wayfarers Chapel, so for all of my Japanese speaking friends. I also worked on a bridal magazine for about three years, and I love doing family portraits and weddings.

I usually start with the families, and then I photograph some of their children getting married and then them having babies. I get to see the whole progression. It’s really wonderful. If I can say one thing today, it would be that the holidays are coming up and photograph your family and get the pictures out. And I have a slide show, so I’ll show you kind of what I do.

Business Growth Innovators Member: I have a serious question. Do you have a backdrop there where it’s leaves and… Is it a backdrop that you have in the studio?

Shelley: The 12 picture? If it was green, yeah, I have a garden that I photograph of kids and families and everything.

Interviewer: A photograph?

Shelley: Yeah, a photo garden. Yeah. I love what I do, and I try to make people relaxed and hopefully that shows. I try and capture your family’s essence. Thank you.

Shelley Kincaid first picked up a camera 15 years ago and her interest in capturing that special moment in time began to grow into what is now her passion. “I love being behind the lens and capturing what is unique and special about a person and creating it into a portrait to be cherished for a lifetime”,

Using high-resolution digital photography and state of the art equipment, Shelley’s style is relaxed and casual allowing for her subjects to truly express themselves in front of the camera.

Shelley’s background includes bridal magazine covers, bridal fashion editorial and hundreds of weddings. Her expertise can be also seen in portraits of all types including families, children, maternity and newborns. Although her studio is ideal for portraits, many clients enjoy sites such as a nearby park, the beauty of the beach or in their own backyards. Whatever the location, Shelley’s flexibility and sense of style will provide you with the portraits you desire.

A southern California resident for over 20 years, Shelley lives with her husband Mike, daughter Lauren and Australian Shepard Lila in Huntington Beach.

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