Pat Roque, our carpet cleaning expert, serves all of Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA

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Water Damage Expert Orange County – Pat Roque – Pat’s Custom Carpet Care

Pat Roque, our carpet cleaning expert, serves all of Huntington Beach, Orange County, CA

Pat Roque
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Pat Roque: Anyways they brought up today, today’s was kinda gloomy day cause I had a hard week. But then I’m walking to the tip here and Mark was “Hey Mr. Roque” and that just lifted me up so thank you so much Mark. And when I come here and stuff and see you guys here it does lift me up to see you guys that are out there working for me increase my business I really thank you for that.

So anyway to start my business life in 1980. I was 20 years old back then and I was wondering I was going to do with my life and I need to do something to make some money. Cause I was out there building cabinets, I was going back and forth and whorehouses and things that nature. And one day I saw this add in the paper, and it said make anywhere from 800 to 1000 dollars a week. And back that was good money. So I go, “I need to check in this.” And it was and ad from one of those bait and switch companies 695 a room type of carpet cleaning company. I went out there and checked it out and stuff and they said, “Okay you need to go through a six month training period.” And most of that training period was to teach us how to do carpet cleaning, just the chemicals and stuff and the other part was how to raise your price as you get into someone’s home.

So we had these little skits, we had these little skits where [inaudible 00:01:25] the other person would be the customer and we’d go through the home and go for 695 we get a steam clean. Steam clean means just water. So we go to the home, and we divide it 695 per a room for a steam clean but if you want to get it cleaned, cause this type of cleaning is only a maintenance clean, you need to have some chemical. And the chemical is called pre-conditioning, that’s the chemical that’s actually losses the soil and removes the dirt. So that 30 cents square foot, 695 plus 30 cents square foot.

So we’re out there having these skits and stuffs and showing how we go out there and clean the little area with the little steam cleaner it wouldn’t come clean then we’d go, “Here’s a free conditioning,” do a little spot there and it would come clean, that little spot. “Now what we provide for 695 is steamed clean for the room but the spot cleaning is 30 cents a square foot, you get to clean about 300 square feet,” and stuff so you bring the price way up.

So back then I thought man this is kinda a rip off in a sense, or it’s false advertising in a way cause they weren’t telling them that the type of cleaning was a steam clean without any chemical. So at that point there I did go through the schooling and stuff for six months learned chemicals, learning fibers things in that nature how to clean upholstery. And I wanted my own business because I couldn’t stand going to someone’s house at 695 a room and trying to raise it up to 800 dollars or what have you.

So I started Pat’s Custom Carpet Cleaning right around 1984 and from that point on I didn’t do switch and bait anymore. So what I do is come into a home I measure out the square footage, I tell you it’s so much a square foot that includes preconditioning, spotting, what have you, and usually my price is 30 cents a square foot now. And back in the day they were trying to get that from people by switch and baiting. So whenever you see and ad in that paper that says 695 a room or 1395 a room, there’s no way you could do business with that much money. It’s impossible. So you always have to up sold for chemicals and what have your other things. So I don’t do that kinda thing I come in there I measure it out and tell you the price.

Things that we don’t include are specialized spotting things of that nature. Say you have a cat or something like that I need to have something that’s more [inaudible 00:03:49]. That means like an enzyme product something like that. Or if you have dye in your carpet, like some spots some kinda juice or what have you, that’s another specialized thing, that’s called dye removal. And also if you have some type of bleach mark or you have house cleaner that drips bleach on your carpet, happens a lot. We can add color to your carpet and that’s called dying. Some of the services that I can do for you.

The other things I can do too is some people have odors in their home cause by sometimes dead animals in the walls like rats or mice something like that. We do is ozone treatment right takes that out, or somebody smokes in your home or you had a renter in your house that smoked and you want to get rid of that odor we could do ozone. And what does it breaks apart that particulates and reduce that down and takes it out completely, so ozoning I do.

We do water damage if you have a broken pipe or something like that we can do that. We can work with all insurances or without insurance.

Other things we do would be tile and grout cleaning, we do stone cleaning, and we do showers in that nature. If you have showers that have soaps that come on them, on the walls it’s very difficult to remove if you have a stone shower and so it takes a some skill to do that and the right chemicals and we can do that.

So these are the things that we can do now we’ve been doing his for over 30 years, about 34 years, and every year I try to get better especially with the chemicals and that we use. We don’t use the stuff you get from the store. I talk to some people they try to cut corners they go, “I went over to Walmart and got some good price and some chemicals.” I don’t do that I have a place I go to and what they do they update their chemicals almost every year it’s a little bit more expensive but I gets the job done way better.

And right now what we’re using is peroxide based chemical and so back in the day we sees a butyl base which is more like a Simple Green. And what that did is get carpet real clean, but it would reattract dirt. So we got away from that. Now were using a peroxide based chemical and when it dissipates it, it dissipates completely. And on top of that it naturally sanitizes the carpet and brightens it. It’s way better product that we were using right now. Wish we used it years ago cause we had it, we just never used it. So that’s what we do. We do carpet. We guarantee it, we have a 30 day guarantee. Most people don’t they have a three day guarantee. We guarantee that spots that we take out will not return. So I back up everything we do if it returns we’ll come back and do it even sometimes when people walk on the carpet and say it returned I go out there and go, “Well it looks like someone’s walk on the carpet resoiled it.” I’ll go out there and do it too, not all the time, but I do it once or twice and that’s about it. So that’s what I do I’ve been doing it for years, I love what I’m doing and is anybody have some questions? Yes Mr. Bower.

Mr. Bower: What kind of prep do you do? How about moving furniture and how much do you move, what do you do and what should people do ahead of time.

Pat Roque: What people should do ahead of time is move their breakables that are real easy to break that are things that on counter tops or tables that we want to move and stuff like that. You could even vacuum if you wanted to but we don’t have to. But what we do is when we prep a place we have these corner guards and we guard the corners before we out the hoses up we tie them down and make sure there nothing knocked over or broken. And if it does we do have insurance for that, but the main thing to make sure it doesn’t happen move things correctly, put guards on the walls sometimes people bring stuff in and they’re banging the walls and stuff or they’re moving their hoses around and scraping the wall because they’re not putting wall guards up. So that’s what we do. And our wand has guides on it and it has protectors so when we’re steam cleaning the carpet it’s protecting the sides, it doesn’t spray out to the side. It’s contained. So we keep things pretty much in control that way. So anything else, alright thank you very much.