Pat Roque: There IS a difference in Carpet Cleaners

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Woman: I choose…

Pat Roque: So anyways what I’m trying to do is get some pictures. Pictures tell the best story. There’s a picture right here about a person we did. It’s an offer right here for your office. Shows each one job that we did and we tried to get the next pictures like that.

As you can see, what we do is [inaudible 00:00:17] bomb machine. And she had to wander right there looking at. That’s what I would clean the carpet with 2000 pressure to the side. This is about 950 psi to clean the carpet and what that does is it loosens the soil, allows the vacuum of the wand to extract the soil and the moisture.

Right here, this is the carpet we’re doing right there. That’s a white carpet. Barely see that’s white but after we’re done cleaning it is white. So you see the power of a truck mount versus other systems couldn’t get that cleaned.

So that’s one of our customers right there. It’s the difference you see. It’s a huge difference right there.

Woman: That?

Pat Roque: That’s afterwards, after it’s all done.

Woman: Wow!

Pat Roque: So you saw it before and this is after. Most of these are like that. Here is the next picture. That’s a hallway, someone’s hallway upstairs. You see this soil like through the middle there. That’s before and then, our next picture.

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