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Don Sjaarda, our personal injury attorney with clients in Orange County and all over Southern California, gave us an exciting example of the modern judicial practice.

Don was recently involved in an auto accident case where an elderly woman was injured at a stop light  when a large semi truck backed in to her car at a stop light causing injury to both of her shoulders when she moved to brace herself against the dashboard of her car. Initially the insurance company offered the woman a fraction of her actual medical expenses which ended up including 3 surgeries to repair her shoulders.

This is when Don’s expertise with mediation, the insurance industry and his talents as a personal injury attorney come in to play. Don created a forensic video that explained the details of the case, the expert witness testimony from a variety of medical specialists and the likely outcome were the case to be taken to trial. The result was that the insurance company agreed to settle the claim for an amount that was 10 times higher than their initial offer had been.

If you need this combination of experience and expertise working for you please contact Don Sjaarda.

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