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Anthony Campo, our personal trainer for Orange County based in Huntington Beach, represents the Cross Fit organization in our group. The Cross Fit philosophy is to prepare for the unknown and unknowable by doing constantly varied, functional movement exercises at a high intensity to improve strength, flexibility and readiness to take on everything that life and work throws at you.

You will be able to do more in less time and have more fun as a result.

The problem with most gym routines is just that: they are routines that never vary and of which you soon get tired. Lack of variation also leads to plateaus that you can’t seem to break through.

By comparison Cross Fit offers weekly or even daily changes to your work out. They publish the “Workout of the Day” on their site each night at 12:01 AM so you are never at a loss for something new, and challenging, to do.

Anthony said to us “Muscle specific workouts are for body builders and people trying to rehabilitate injured muscles.” By contrast Cross Fit consider you to be an elite athlete with “your life” as your sport.

Cross Fit is not a fancy gym. Their facility is very straightforward: a large space with mats on the floor, a whiteboard and your classmates. They use camaraderie and natural competitiveness to motivate you to excel.

Cross Fit will be hosting an Open House on August 24th, 2011.

Anthony Campo, Personal Trainer

Cross Fit Surf City – “forging elite fitness”
18241 Gothard Suite 200
Huntington Beach, CA 92648