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Pest Control Service by Termite Terry Singleton -

Pest Control Service by Termite Terry Singleton -

Termite Terry Singleton gave us a walk through his slide show that details his approach to Pest Control using his 57 Point Inspection which is designed to figure out the root cause of your insect problem and not just spot treat it with too much insecticide where it is not necessarily needed.

The ultimate goal, besides reducing the amount of pesticides used, is customer satisfaction.

Terry told us about how they use a salt-based treatment to power dust your attic & sub-areas which is completely safe and non-toxic and kills by dehydrating the pests.

They do NOT run a “blow and go” service that just excessively spray pesticides on your base boards and call it a day.

Terry has a slide show detailing his 17-point Pest Control Service Plan on his very informative web site.

If you’re looking for a pest control service and live anywhere in Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach or Huntington Beach feel free to contact Termite Terry.