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I’d like to talk about how to keep you home pest free during the holidays. When the weather cools you spend more time indoors and we keep our windows and doors closed because we are trying to keep warm. Unfortunately you’re going to find that a lot of pests are going to want to join you. That’s because they are looking for food and they want to stay warm too. Here are ten things you can do to keep your home pest free this winter.

  1. Guard against hitchhiking pests. Monitor your incoming materials. For instance take a look at your luggage when you bring it in. You never know what you might run into when your traveling or what you might bring home with you.
  2. Trim the trees bushes and vines from your home. That will help discourage insect and rodent passage.
  3. Remove plants that attract insects because of their fruit nectar for example or they may harbor honey producing insects.
  4. You want to eliminate tree stumps, leaky holes, loose boards on the ground. Any place that can be a nesting place. So basically keep your yard clean of debris.
  5. Take a look around your driveways, patios and walkways for cracks or potholes
  6. Store your firewood up off the ground, away from the house
  7. Check the screens on your windows. If they are in bad shape or need to be replaced. Also check your vent screens to keep insects out from under you home.
  8. Correct outside moisture problems, such as: leaky rain gutters or faucets.
  9. You want to ensure good ventilation in your attics and your sub areas.
  10. Keep your garbage in tight fitting cans. Have garbage men pick it up more than once a month.

Pest Control Service by Termite Terry Singleton -

Pest Control Service by Termite Terry Singleton -

Do you need help with pest control problems if so you can call us for an inspection. Our inspections are always complimentary for qualified homeowners. If you are buying or selling a home I highly recommend that you call us. Have us inspect it before the transaction. This month we are doing a hotel special where we will put up anyone who gets there whole house fumigated for a two night stay at the Ramada Inn. It has two queen size beds, it’s pet friendly has a refrigerator, coffee maker, free internet, pool and hot tub, fitness center and it’s only minutes from the beach as well.

Is the temperature in the belly of a plane cold enough to eradicate any bedbugs that may have come along with your luggage?

No, unfortunately you would have to leave them in a deep freeze for maybe a week. They are a very hardy species.

What makes someone a qualified home owner to be approved for a free home inspection?

If someone is renting an apartment in a section 8 area in Santa Ana, I probably don’t want to go out and give them a complimentary inspection, because they’re probably not going to hire me anyway. They don’t have any money and they don’t own the house. That’s all I’m getting at there if you own your own house and you have a problem you want to deal with, then of course the inspection is complimentary. Now, if you’re buying or selling a home there is a nominal fee for that service.

Serving Orange County California. Specializing in thorough termite inspections, termite treatments, fumigations and wood repairs. We also offer a full line of pest control services, bee control, rodent control and animal removal.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should call “Termite” Terry:

Over FOURTEEN YEARS of doing termite inspections on residential and commercial properties. Real estate inspection expert – Over 400 MILLION DOLLARS worth of real estate has been sold using “Termite” Terry’s inspections, treatments and repairs. California State Branch 1 Field Rep California State Branch 2 Operator’s license California State Branch 3 Operator’s license Department of Agriculture QAL licenses #A & B We service Orange County, California. Our company provides a full line of termite treatments and fumigations. We also have carpenters on staff to do your wood repairs (no subcontractors).