Photographer Huntington Beach, CA – Shelley Kincaid Photography

Shelley has been a professional photographer for over 17 years. She majored in Business Marketing at CSULB. Right out of college she got a job selling bolts to oil rigs. The best thing to come out of that job was her husband!

Shelley showed us one of her excellent slideshows filled with mothers and babies, happy families on the beach, professional portraits, wedding shots, pregnant mother photos, baby photos, man’s best friend photos, literally everything you can imagine.

Shelley specializes in digital photography and allows you to pick out your favorites for printing. She can wrap the prints in a special box and recommends that you label the back of every printed picture so that future generations will be able to identify their forebearers.

Shelley can be found on her site or at 714-841-1974. You will not be sorry.