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Penny Lambright - Professional Organizer Huntington Beach, California

Penny Lambright - Professional Organizer Huntington Beach, California

Penny Lambright of, based in Huntington Beach but serving clients all over Orange County and, in fact, nationwide told us about doing Home Inventories. This is something that she does at the behest of attorneys who need to have the estate of a deceased client handled professionally. Penny can take care of everything including cleaning up items for sale, running the estate sale and handling the advertisement. Things that don’t sell can be donated or given away. Of course the first thing she does is to walk through the property with the next of kin and tag anything that they want to keep for themselves.

As a professional organizer Penny is a little different than the others: most people are satisfied to sit back and direct things, not Penny and her crew. Unlike many of the others Penny and her crew become “your arms and legs” and dig right in and do the work, what a relief! She has no line of products that she is trying to sell you, makes no mark up on purchases that she does in order to complete your job and will show you the receipts to prove it.

In addition to the professional organization, the packrat and hoarding remediation and home relocation work that Penny does she can also pack up your house if its going to be tented for Termite Fumigation by Termite Terry.

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