Ron Budd – Health Insurance Life Insurance Orange County California

Ron Budd of Health Plans for Less is our Health Insurance and Life Insurance Orange County California broker.

Ron likes to travel with his wife of 28 years and 2 daughters. He sells Health Insurance in order to make this all happen!

Ron told us that Health Insurance is a moving target: that most people buy the wrong plan for the wrong reasons. Major Incident coverage is the most important coverage to have and that the real purpose of Health Insurance is asset protection.

He told us that kidney problems, stroke, cancer and heart attacks account for 90% of medical spending and that they are the #1 cause of bankruptcy.

Do yourself a favor and get the right coverage. Don’t settle for a “warm and fuzzy” co-pay situation because that won’t cover you in case of one of the catastrophic events mentioned above. People who suffer one of these catastrophic events miss an average of 12 months of work. Are you now prepared to miss 12 months of work? If not talk to Ron Budd 714-962-5551 or visit his site

Ron outlined a “worst case” scenario for us: if you work for someone else you’ll be entitled to a State Disability of $400.00 a month. If you have one of his recommended policies, by contrast, you will get an immediate check for $100,000.00 of tax free money. Keep in mind that under many available policies cancer procedures are NOT fully covered and very, very expensive. There is also the compounding effect to consider: you MUST continue making your insurance payments even while you are sick!

He recommends the Forrester’s policy if you have kids but reminded us that he represents ALL major insurance carriers.

Again, if you have questions about your Health or Life Insurance Policies and coverage feel free to call Ron Budd at 714-962-5551 or visit