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Room Additions Orange County

Room Additions Orange County - Bruce Beinlich of Beinlich & Sons General Contractors

Bruce Beinlich, of Beinlich Construction is more than just a general contractor and room addition contractor in Orange County, he’s very accomplished amateur tennis player with a preference for the wood racket glory days of tennis from years past. In addition he is an excellent water skier. He’d been married since 2001 and has a daughter who is 6 and a son age 3.

One of the things that separates Bruce from both architects and from other General Contractors is the fact that Bruce begins every project with a set of preliminary drawings. He’s been working with the same designer/draftsman for 20 years and they are a team that knows what can be built and how to do thing affordably and right the first time. The preliminary drawings are affordable, usually around $400.00, but can end up saving a home owner thousands in the long run. Many times they encounter homeowners with a set of drawings from an architect where practical considerations prevent the plan from being realized. Preliminary drawings also help to clearly define the scope of the room addition to be built. From there determining the actual cost of the project and coming in on budget is made much easier. By comparison architects drawings can cost upwards of $2,500.00 with additional costs if changes to the drawings are required.

As a very experienced General Contractor Bruce also knows the intricacies of the permitting procedures in various cities. Two extreme examples came from Cerritos in which wrought iron gates were required to have a backing that prevented anyone from seeing in to the property and new windows were mandated to have trim even though they were on the back of the house and not a single window on the house had its own trim. Apparently  Yorba Linda has very strict permitting requirements as well.

He also discussed the shifting lines of the Long Beach Preservation District in which home owners were restricted from having the windows they wanted because wood casement windows alone were permmited in the Preservation District.

If you know of anyone, family or friends, who are considering a room addition, kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, a patio cover upgrade, someone who needs custom cabinetry, feel free to contact Bruce Beinlich, General Contractor for all of Orange County, California at:

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