Sally Chiappone – Juice Plus – Health and Wellness

Sally Chiappone has been in the Orange County area for 28 years. She’s been involved with Juice plus for 9 years and been a distributor for Juice Plus for 5 of those years.

Simply stated Juice Plus is “whole food nutrition in a capsule form”. Fruits and vegetables are picked ripe from Juice Plus’s own farms and then juiced immediately so that the phytonutrients are retained. Juice Plus is meant as a compliment to a healthy diet. It is a catalyst that will help you start eating and living a healthier life. It is NOT a quick fix or a substitute for actual fruits and vegetable but should be a part of you healthy lifestyle every day.

First a note about serving sizes: a single serving of dense vegetable is considered a 1/2 cup while if it is leafy vegetable its 1 full cup. Juice Plus is not a medicine or a “cure” but it is good nutrition. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, all of these respond well to an improved diet.

Juice Plus is not a multi-vitamin. Multi-vitamins are not absorbed by the body and large portions of them pass out of the body unused. The phytonutrients in Juice Plus cannot be replaced by artificially created chemical-based multivitamins.

Juice Plus is from a farm, its not a pharmeceutical. 12 unpublished and 13 published University studies back up the purity and effectiveness of Juice Plus.

If you’re interested in Juice Plus just call Sally Chiappone at (714)968-3624.