Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing for Small Businesses in Orange County, CA

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Distilled to its Essence

by Sean Sloan of – 949-722-6119 •

First of all: never assume that its "been done" or that its "being done" or that "I can’t do it"

There are only 2 essential components:

Keyword-based Textual Page Content: write to help your visitor/customer

Inbound Links

The "chicken before the egg" conundrum: how do you get In Bound Links without good content?

The result: people will be able to find you, be convinced of your expertise and act to engage you (convert to customer, sign up/contact via email, call via phone)

The Algorithm is changing: Personalized Search, Universal/Blended Search, Ranking vs. Bounce rate.

All Search Engine Optimization is the gravy and your site is the steak. We need material, fresh meat, to work with.

How do I know what to write? (Write for the customer/visitor. Give to get)

Get a Google Account (free and amazingly useful)

Google Analytics: free analytics software, we can install (quick for us), do it immediately

Search Suggestions Box in browser (screen capture to computer) (root keywords/competitor sites)

Topical Suggestions


How To’s

Top 7 Lists

Things to Watch Out for When Purchasing a Good or Service

Multiple Expert Opinions


Encyclopedia-style Articles

What sets you apart from the pack

Head to Head competition vs. Finding Niches: can you compete

How do I get all of this stuff in my site? (Content Management System vs. HTML site)

Our ability to post things for you quickly is directly related to how clearly organized and labeled your materials are and how clear your instructions are.

Modern blog software has come AMAZINGLY far in the last 12 months, really. You can start with a simple blog in the background of your site in order to get started and have it become your entire site in the future.

How do I get inbound links? (the text of inbound links is very important!)

Your site should have the ShareThis tool installed immediately

Ask everyone you know with a site for a link. (The more relevant the site’s content the better.)

Ask the bloggers you know. (You know more than you think.)

Take advantage of professional organizations that you belong to (Business Growth Innovators, local & Int’l.) ( add your business )

Review Sites: (beyond Google Local and Yahoo! Local)


dmoz (open directory project)

Yahoo! Directory

Best of the Web


Blog Toplist

Blog Catalog

Social Networking/Social Media (for online networking and inbound link creation)

1. Digg

16. Flickr


17. WikiHow

3. Technorati

18. BlueDot

4. Squidoo

19. StyleHive

5. Netscape

20. JotSpot

6. LinkedIn

21. Wetpaint

7. Newsvine

22. Shadows

8. Wikipedia

23. Yahoo!

9. Reddit

24. Furl

10. Ma.gnolia

25. Ning

11. StumbleUpon

26. Frappr

12. Shoutwire

27. The
Best Stuff In The World

13. Facebook

28. MySpace

14. 43

29. Yahoo!

15. YourElevatorPitch

30. Rdiculous


Video Search Engine Optimization: it is real now, it is the future

YouTube just passed Yahoo! as the most searched web site (citation)

It is easier to rank for your videos in some competitive areas than for your site

There are multi-site submit tools

Every video should contain your site address, phone #

Every video should take full advantage of the Description and Tag features (keywords) and contain keywords and Co. name references in its title.

Meta-data where possible = ultimate video SEO

Transcripts of videos to web site (in the future this will be automatic)

Things to do ONLY after your site has matured and you are regularly adding content to it:

Article Marketing

Forum Posting

Blog Commenting

Keeping your web site healthy is like Diet and Exercise for your body, its always simple but never easy but has undeniable long term benefits.

The difference is that, unlike Diet and Exercise for you body, WE can keep your web site healthy for you!

To close here: you are NOT alone, we are here to help! Call us at 949-722-6119 or email us at