September 18th Meeting

First table topper: Pat Roque of Pat’s Custom Carpet Care (714)596-5408. Pat brought in a photo of himself in a jet ski race down in San Diego. Oh by the way, he is the World Record holder for the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Race. You know he likes his power – his carpet cleaning machine is 45 horsepower, most cleaners use a 20 hp (or less) machine. This power translates into greater suction to get as much moisture out of your carpet as possible!

Second table topper: Tim Graber – “Tranquility in the Sea of Mortage Confusion”. Tim is a broker with Back Bay Funding. He gave us a teaser about Equity Key vs. Reverse Mortages and will have a presentation in a couple weeks.

First Presenter: Summer Ellis of E.C. Salon in Huntington Beach. Summer feigns modesty but was an excellent Presenter. E.C. is a full-service salon and carries exclusive lines such as ORiginal Sprout and Brocato. Why choose Summer? Quality. She worked previously in retail, restaurants, Home Depot, nanny, coach (her boys team won Nationals), and knows what it takes to make the customer happy. Besides, she actually LOVES what she does and cares about your hair. Visit today!

Second Presenter: Joab Flores of Platinum Plus Mobile Detailing. Joab works 2 years with another detailing company before he went to the Navy. When he got back, he decided to start his own company and went to school to become a detailing expert. In addition to detailing, Joab also provides window tinting for autos and commercial buildings. He can also take care of headlight restorations and windshield chip repair. He’s one of the few mobile detailers that accepts all major credit cards as well. If it drives on land or water, Joab can detail it.