Solar Panels for Home Orange County – John Wilson

John Wilson, our solar panels for home expert serving all of Orange County, California, gave us an example of what he can save a person whose average bill is $267 a month. Yearly the total is $1,200.00 and lifetime the total is $67,667.00.

A question was asked about maintenance: the panels themselves just need to be sprayed down with water if they get dirty to keep them at maximum efficiency. The power inverter has a lifespan of between 12 – 15 years and if you’re on the lease program that would be included.

The solar panels themselves are guaranteed to be working at 80% efficiency at the end of their 25 year life cycle.

John told us that flat roofs are not a problem as they have a flat roof rack mounting system for their solar panels.

If you are interested in significantly lowering your power bill while helping reduce the use of fossil fuels give John a call.