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Many homes develop leaks around chimneys and the best thing about this is that it’s relatively inexpensive to correct. Another problem that a lot of homes have are the ridge caps right at the top of the roofline. Those are areas where roofs start leaking. Again, you can replace those ridge caps relatively inexpensively; a lot less than buying a new roof. Roof leaks won’t go away and they will eventually cost you a fortune. Also, when you walk around your house take a close look at your rain gutters. If they are leaking, ladies and gentlemen, they can do more harm than if you didn’t have any on there at all. Also, while you’re checking your rain gutters it’s a good idea to clean them out. All of the leaves and the debris they collect will clog them up. Again, if they stay clogged and leak they do a lot more damage then good.

Termite Terry: The best Termite Inspections in Orange County

Termite Terry: The best Termite Inspections in Orange County

Another item that people take for granted, and don’t pay much attention to, are lawn sprinklers. Many homes are damaged by these sprinklers because many homeowners allow them to keep spraying on the sides of the house. The good news about this is that these problems can be fixed very, very inexpensively. Maybe just a simple adjustment is all you need. Now here’s a sprinkler, if you look right here in the corner you can see where the sprinkler is right up against the wall. Look at the next shot and you can see where we have moisture damage occurring on the inside wall, directly on the other side of that. We also have a mold problem.

And here’s another problem of simple neglect. They should have just adjusted the sprinklers but they let them spray on the post. Now they will have to replace the whole structure. How many thousands of dollars is that going to cost? You could have just gone out there with a screwdriver and just made a simple adjustment and prevented that. Another item, ladies and gentlemen, don’t over-water. Keep an eye on it. Especially in weather like this, you don’t need to have your sprinklers running every single day. If you over-water you can have water seeping into your walls, creating damage and more mold problems. They can also cause foundational structure damage. AND, last but not least. Excessive moisture can attract insects, especially termites. They love it.

Here’s an example of a good over-watered planter. It’s totally filled up with water running down the sidewalk. What a waste of time not to mention it’s hurting the house. Plants and trees-number 2. These can cause a lot of damage and expensive repairs. Plants should be cut back 1-2 feet from your exterior walls. Trees should also be cut back about four feet away from the house. No branches should be hanging over the roof. By maintaining your plants and trees you will be helping to keep your home dry, protect your homes paint, help protect your homes roof, and help to keep snakes and rodents out of your house. Here’s a good example of a home where you can see the tree hanging over the roof. When the wind blows, those branches are going to start knocking the tiles off. Also, it allows rodents and other animals to have easy access to the house; another classic example. Vines are also a big problem. They damage the homes’ outside paint job, create easy access for the rodents, and create moisture problems. Another thing you should do is go around your house and check your door and window screens. You need to check your doors and window screens on a regular basis. They help to keep out all kinds of bugs. Again, these are relatively inexpensive to repair.