Termite Inspections Orange County

First table topper: Dennis Jenkins of Dennis Jenkins Company. Having trouble with your phone equipment? Do you wish you can keep an eye on your store or office from anywhere in the world? Do you wish you could use your bluetooth headset with your office phone? Want to find out more about VOIP technology? Dennis can help you. He only carries high quality equipment that lasts and lasts.

Second table topper: Don Sjaarda, personal injury attorney. Rules if the road. Motorcyles don’t win against SUVs. Elderly ladies walking across the street don’t come out ahead versus cars. These are unfortunate but true stories of people who needed personal injury attorneys to negotiate settlements with insurance companies. If you haven’t noticed, insurance companies are really tightening up their payments in the midst of the financial turmoil. Make sure you have Don’s contact information handy.

First Speaker: Sally Chiappone from Juice Plus+. Sally stressed the importance of primary vs secondary research. Juice Plus+ is the most researched nutritional product in the world. All of its research is double blind and placebo controlled. The best fruit and veggies to eat are the real thing, primarily because of the fiber. However, Juice Plus+ helps you get 17 of the U.S. recommened 9-13 servings a day. Juice Plus+ doesn’t tout itself as a cure, but rather whole food nutrition. Contact Sally today!

Second Speaker: Terry from Termite Terry Pest Control. Terry grew up in Barstow and raced and repaired motorcycles for several years before getting into the Pest Control business. Terry had a great tip for us this morning, the “Shock and Awe” package. Terry was having trouble getting past the bid submittal stage when it came to big jobs. In fact, sometimes he didn’t even want to bother with giving quotes because he was competing with so many other companies, and he didn’t know how they were choosing vendors. Well, Terry decided that he was going to “shock and awe” the decision makers with a package that really stood out from the others. He creates awesome presentations on the computer and includes a CD with personalized goodies (they all have his phone number!). These are especially good for a client you can’t meet face to face. Stand out. The first time Terry tried it, he got the job in Tustin for $26,000. Not a bad return on investment.