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Termite Terry Singleton - TermiteTerry.com

Termite Terry Singleton - TermiteTerry.com

Termite Terry, our very own Termite and Pest Control Expert, gave a talk about the business of termite inspection, termite fumigation and what to look for when choosing a company that does that type of work. His talk included a large amount of very revealing photographs comparing the job done by his company versus some of the very poorly done job done by his competitors.

The first stumbling block is the poor tenting of homes prior to fumigation. He showed us real slides that showed no sandbags holding down the tent, raggedy or mismatched tent sections that had holes, gaps, not enough clips. There is no way these things could contain the gas effectively that they were supposed to be putting in to these things.

Terry and his crew do the most thorough termite inspections in the business. Sometimes what they determine is that your house does NOT need a fumigation. For instance subterranean termites need to be treated by drilling holes in to the lower portion of walls and spray the treatment in there as well as trenching along the foundation  and applying treatment there.

Terry reminded us that he has one of the best wood repair teams in the business. Their goal is for the repair to look like new, that it will be seamless and undetectable.

Terry told us how his pest control service goes the extra mile to knock down spider webs and wasp nests that accumulate under the eaves of a house. These little things are the difference between a good job and a great job.

Terry’s team also has a special lamp and glasses for detecting beg bugs based on the biological material they consume: your blood!

TermiteTerry.com also offers Organic Pest Control services using Oil of Wintergreen, Oil of Spearmint and pyrethrin insecticide derived from the Chrysanthemum flower (Pyrethrum).