TMJ Dentist Huntington Beach, Orange County, California – Mark Yamamoto, DDS

If you’re looking for an expert TMJ Dentist Huntington Beach, Orange County, California then call Mark Yamamoto, DDS at 714-847-9900.

Dr. Mark has been a general dentist for over 41 years. He has over 4,000 hours of continuing education. He even has a license to teach continuing education for dentists. Good dentists must all master the basics as a foundation to successful dental practice: the function of the jaw & the nature of teeth never change.

Recently Dr. Mark recently saw for a return visit a patient who was in danger of losing an eye tooth because it was being struck by another tooth. Dr. Mark reshaped the offending tooth and, as a result, the tooth that was being struck tightened up and the patient hasn’t lost it for 5 years now.

Dr. Mark is a proponent of the new, fruit flavored Listerine: it really works and tastes much better than the original flavor. He says that Plax is not worth the time, its no good. Teetth Whiteners are OK but don’t over use them. If you really want you teeth whitened it is best left your dentist: the do a more precise job using only what’s necessary. The over-application of tooth whiteners can lead to the weakening of enamel until it flakes off the tooth.

Gum disease should be treated seriously and early as it can lead to heart problems. Gum disease is a good indicator of general health.