Toner Cartridges Orange County – Dennis McCarthy – Cartridge World Huntington Beach

Toner Cartridges Orange County

Toner Cartridges Orange County

Dennis McCarthy of Cartridge World gave us an update on the world of laser toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges. He said that his industry is currently 2% of the overall and heading towards 3% of the replacement ink and toner cartridges industry.

His store in toner cartridge store in Huntington Beach is #10 in sales nationwide. Currently 80% of their sales is of recycled toner cartridges.

The biggest challenge that Cartridge World is facing is the new algorithm being used in the latest HP Inkjet Cartridges. Usually they can figure these out in a reasonable amount of time but while they have the current one partially decoded there is still a multi-step process that you have to go through in order to get your printer to recognize the refilled ones.

People asked him to recommend a brand of printer that was reliable and a good purchase. For laser printers he said that Hewlett Packard and Brother both made reliable, “workhorse” type printers. The only drawback with the Brother’s is that their drum is separate from the toner.

He said to completely stay away from Dell & Lexmark because with them you only “lease” the cartridge and thus don’t own it so it is illegal for you or anyone to refill it legally. There is, in fact, a class action lawsuit going on right now in an effort to stop this practice and get refunds for consumers. In addition these two manufacturers seem to have a higher rate of failure.

If you need recycled toner cartridges or refilled ink jet cartridges and excellent customer service just contact:

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Cartridge World
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