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Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Service

Dennis Jenkins, Panasonic Telephone Systems and Service

Dennis Jenkins, our VOIP Phone System Expert based in Cerritos but serving all of Orange County & Los Angeles, California, talked to us about what he has been what he has to offer in modern, full-featured phone systems.

He showed us a ruggedized cell phone handset that can not only withstand being dropped from waist height and continue to work but also can continue to operate from cell zone to cell zone not being limited to a single base station for it zone of operation. This is most valuable for communication in large warehouse operations or transportation yards where constant communication is a daily necessity. These cell phone are extension of the larger VOIP phone system.

Dennis explained to us that one of the benefits of the Voice Over IP system is that a phone can be moved anywhere on a Local Area Network and it just plug in and work and retain its identity and phone number.

Dennis told us about a huge multi hundred phone system he was installing that would save the business owner over $7,000.00 a month on his phone bill, lowering it by nearly 2/3. This system features UPS (Un-interruptable Power Supply) to protect against power interruptions  and multiple redundant “fail over” systems to insure connectivity for the phone system at all times.

Dennis also answered a question “Why not just use Skype or Vonnage if you want VOIP?”. The answer is reliability and Quality of Service. Skype and Vonnage have neither while both are necessary for running a professional business.

If you need a VOIP phone system and live anywhere in the Orange County or Los Angeles County area feel free to contact Dennis Jenkins.

Dennis Jenkins
11943 Agnes St.
Cerritos CA, 90703
(562) 402-0100