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Water Damage Restoration Orange County - Pat Roque - Pat's Custom Carpet Care

Water Damage Restoration Orange County - Pat Roque - Pat's Custom Carpet Care

Pats custom carpet care is certified with the IICRC by going through an advanced training program in sewer and water damage. This gives us the ability to work with your insurance company.

Its 2 A.M. A pipe has burst in a home ,causing damage in the kitchen and dining room. The homeowner knows he needs to act quickly to remove the water and get his property restored. But he’s not sure what to do first. He does what many people do. He calls his insurance agent at 2 A.M. and he gets an answering service.

You don’t have to worry with Pats custom carpet care. We are certified trained emergency sewer and water damage technicians so that gives us the ability to start restoration work that would be covered by insurance. Insurance companies count on us in sewer and water damage emergencies. We believe you have everything to gain since our service was built to provide what you need, when you need it. If you need water damage restoration in Orange County, California call Pat Roque at 714-938-2371 today.

There is no secret to getting your carpet clean: you must emulsify the dirt and then suction it all out removing as much water as possible so that the carpet doesn’t become instantly dirty again. Portable carpet cleaning units can NOT do the job correctly: they only raise the water temperature to 100 degrees, use more chemicals to compensate and can’t remove all of the moisture necessary to get and keep your carpet clean.

By contrast Pat’s Custom Carpet Care uses a high-performance, truck mounted carpet cleaning system and has spent the last 26 years hotrodding this unit into the ultimate carpet cleaning system.

Most carpet cleaning technicians start off on the wrong foot: they put in too much chemical, more than is needed to clean the carpet and it all must be removed otherwise the residue will just attract back the dirt. It will look good for a week then the same stains will  come back in the same spots. Pat’s Custom Carpet Care evaluates the real needs first and only puts down the amount of carpet cleaning chemicals essential to doing the job. He uses Enzymes to break up pet odor or pet urine problems.

Dry cleaning systems only clean the top of the carpet: they never reach base of the carpet or padding below where dirt, stain or moisture can remain. It requires vacuum, heat and agitation to really remove stains.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley or any Orange County City feel free to contact Pat Roque.

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