Wedding Photographer Huntington Beach – Shelley Kincaid

Shelley Kincaid, our wedding photographer based in Huntington Beach, does so much more: pregnancy pictures, family photography, portrait photography and now aerial photography, too!

Shelly has been married for 20 years and has 3 grown daughters, the youngest of which just started college. Who could have guessed such a thing?

Shelley loves to work on location with her photography clients: at their homes, at the beach, in parks. She also has a beautiful garden available at her home.

Shelley was given an amazing testimonial by Crystal Budd who said “Shelley gives that little something extra that makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary!”

Shelley really likes it when she becomes your trusted “family photographer” and many, many of her clients are multiple generations of the same family.

She showed us one of her awesome slideshows set to music. This is something that she does for all of her clients.

When Shelley gets together with a client she makes sure to discuss the clothing they will wear, she’ll talk about the location and what the people can expect; she makes it all painless!

Shelley Kincaid