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Sally Chiappone - Whole Food Nutrition expert for Orange County, CA

Sally Chiappone – Whole Food Nutrition expert for Orange County, CA

Sally: My passion is to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to know that they can be healthy for the rest of their life, versus being sick for the rest of their life. This is my website, which everybody can get to just by typing in SallyTakesJuicePlus.com, and you can go in here. Today, we’re going to go into the clinical research.

I wanted to talk to you about the clinical research because that’s really an important thing for you to understand about whole food nutrition. If it has research behind it, that’s what you want to know, that’s what’s very important. A lot of the supplements that are out there right now today have no research behind it, or else they do what they call in-house research. Ours is third-party research from universities and medical centers around the world. We have 31 of them that are published.

This is the new bottle size that’s going to be coming out in your next orders for Juice Plus. These are some of the universities and medical centers. I have given you a list, right here; one side is published and the other side is currently underway. You can see how many of these universities are and where they’re from; they’re all over the world.

I also wanted to talk to you about the clinical research; what it has done. Juice Plus delivers vitamins and phytonutrients in fruits and vegetable nutrition. It contributes to the cardiovascular wellness; that’s your heart and all of your circulatory. It helps to have healthier skin. It helps you with your dental. Dr. Mark can even attest to that. When you’re brushing your teeth, less bleeding, and that’s really important for a dentist. Antioxidants into the bloodstream and it reduces oxidative stress.

These are some of the universities and medical centers around the world that have studied this. It helps with the DNA. It helps systemic inflammation, which is really important because that’s really the basis of what disease is about; it’s an inflammation. Published medical universities and medical centers: These are just some of the medical journals that we have. I do have these, so if anybody would like to read them, I have a doctor, a couple of doctors who have read most of them already because they’re really important.

They give you everything that you need to know about why Juice Plus does what it does. We not only just saying that Juice Plus can do this, we have the proof behind it which is really super important. Here’s some of the clinical reviews that are ongoing. On this one here, it’s from Wake Forest University and it’s funded by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health. It’s investigating the effects of Juice Plus on nutritional status in various cell health markers.

This is University of Warburg, Germany, University of Birmingham, England; they are checking the Juice Plus against periodontal gum health. That research has been published. Also, they’re doing one on the health and healing of wisdom tooth extraction. That’s really important, too. Also, helping you with overweight in women, children, and men. Because once you start feeling better, you start wanting to do things.

Business Growth Innovators Member: We don’t have primary care, unfortunately, truly being practiced in America very often. We have a reactive approach rather than a proactive approach to medicine, and that’s something I think needs to change. We’ve got to get more serious about taking charge of our health. We’re undernourished, we’re overstressed, we’re under-rested, we’re under-hydrated. My patients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but just like that average American, they are not eating enough fresh whole food; they aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

I myself am extremely conscious of the importance of this and I fail to eat as many fresh whole fruits and vegetables every day as I need. Everybody that I see seems to be able to believe that they can eat whatever they want as long as they take a vitamin that will make up the difference. That makes it very easy for me to tell them, “I’ve got a nutritional supplement here. Not a vitamin, but a whole food concentrate, that will make up the difference. I’ve got studies to show that, vitamins don’t.”

Juice Plus is concentrated whole food nutrition, and it’s got some wonderful research. If I had to make one statement, ‘What’s my favorite thing about Juice Plus,’ it’s the simplicity and the integrity behind it.

Sally: Absolutely.

Business Growth Innovators Member: Sally.

Sally: Yes? 2 minutes? Let me do a different one, because there’s one that I really wanted you guys to listen to. She’s a cancer survivor, 25 years.

Dr. Joyce: The one takeaway that I would say to people who are contemplating taking Juice Plus; I would say, “Don’t contemplate it. Just do it.” When it comes down to our health, I’ll give a little quick personal story here: In 1989, I was 88 pounds in a wheelchair, given 1 1/2 week to 2 weeks to live. If Juice Plus had existed at that time, you can bet I would have been taking it, because I believe that we only have a couple of opportunities to take care of our health. When our health is gone, nothing else matters.
If you’re moving away from an illness, you’re constantly focused on the illness and how to overcome it. When you are moving towards health, all you’re focused on is what’s the next healthy thing I can do? The wonderful thing about Juice Plus is that people literally do begin to take conscious steps towards health as they take Juice Plus each and every day. When we start to take one positive step, it’s like the person who goes out and walks around the block; before you know it, they’re feeling better so they take a longer walk. The same thing I think is true with nutrition. Juice Plus provides that first step and you start to feel better. You might not even be consciously aware of the fact that you’re feeling better. You start to feel better, so you think, “Maybe I should instead of getting that coffee, that cappuccino, or whatever, I’ll get some water instead of the cappuccino. It’s just a gradual process in most cases, but it definitely occurs.

It shouldn’t be hard for people to get their head around something as simple as this, but we’re complex creatures. I think humans as the complex creatures they are, they want to complicate things. It’s a simple step. That’s it.

Sally: Dr. Marilyn Joyce, I know her personally. She’s an awesome lady, but you would never know that she only at one time had 8 days to live because she has just reversed her life, and it is because of good nutrition. Not because of Juice Plus at the beginning, but now it is and has been for the last 10 or 15 years since Juice Plus has been around. It’s just like anything else, once you understand that it’s whole food nutrition, that it bridges that gap of what you should eat and what you really do eat, then you understand why you really have to look into this seriously to make changes in your life.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you want to get ontoe Juice Plus, I’m right here. Thank you very much.

All of our partners have their own labs, do their own testing, and they provide Certificates of Analysis that match our specifications before they ship the product. Quality control is essential for a quality product. I can say with complete confidence that there is no nutraceutical or nutritional support product made in the world that are higher quality than Juice Plus.

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