Whole Food Nutrition Orange County with Sally Chiappone, Juice Plus+

Sally Chiappone - Whole Food Nutrition expert for Orange County, CA

Sally Chiappone - Whole Food Nutrition expert for Orange County, CA

What sets NSA, Juice Plus+ apart from other nutritional products.

NSA has always cared about families :

  • 1970: Water filter for homes
  • 1980: Smoke detectors for homes
  • 1993: Whole Food Nutrition for families

Anyone can take Juice Plus+…From the Womb to the Tomb. You can’t overdose on fruits and veggies!
First company to market Whole Food Nutrition in the world.
We are in over 22 countries in the world and we are debt free.

28 clinical studies using the Juice Plus+ powders in researches at separate prestigious universities & medical centers around the world.
26 of these studies have been published in peer review journals & magazines.These are 3rd party, double blind, and placebo controled.

New FDA rulings say that going forward all supplement companies will have to have 2 published clinical studies on all of their nutritional products on the market.
Juice Plus+ has 26 published studies…We are the forerunnersin the wellness industry.
Diabetics, heart patients, cancer patients, infants, children, seniors, anyone wanting to improve their health can take it.
Juice Plus+ children’s health study will now be extended from 3 years to 4 years. Every adult who is on the capsules can sponsor a child from 4-18 years of age or an under graduate student 19 or older.
Juice Plus+ will be 20 years old in spring of 2013 & will always be in the forefront of wellness industry…because NSA is the company with a heart.
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