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We are the top tint shop in Orange County! How can we say that? We teach others how to tint!

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Professional Window Tint Installation in Orange County

High quality window tinting- that is what you’ll receive when you choose Rodz Tint Shop. Our locally owned and operated shop has been providing tinting services since 1987. If you’re looking for high quality window tint at an affordable price, Rodz Tint Shop is your go-to.


When it comes to your window tint and paint protection, you need a professional to apply it. Our certified technicians haven’t finished our job until you’re satisfied. If there is a problem, we’ll take the time to work with you until you’re happy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose us.

We offer: Auto Tinting | Paint Protection | Commercial & Residential Tinting

We Are Authorized and Certified to work with and sell 3M and LLumar Films; the best in the business! We Only Offer Lifetime Warranty; the Film is Guaranteed Quality, Never Fade Brown or Purple, U.S Made, and with 31 years of experience we will take care of you and your Vehicles!

Benefits Of Tinted Windows:

  • Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer
  • Create Privacy for your Vehicle
  • Protect your Vehicle’s Interior (Great for leather interior and to save your dashboard from cracking or Fading)
  • Reduce Heat and Glare
  • Protects You from the Sun Harmful Radiation both UV and IR Rays

Types of Window Film:

Dyed Films(Standard Film) – These Films are made of Dye and Coloring which gives the film it darkness. These Film are good for UV Protection and to Reduce heat.

Carbon Films – These Films are made up of Dye and Carbon Particles which gives the film a True to Black Color and Color Stability. These Films are good for Heat Reduction, UV Protection, and comes with Good Clarity in dark shades.

Ceramic Films – These Films are Made of Ceramic Particles and Dye which gives the Film an Incredible look, color stability, and clarity. These Film Excel In Heat Reduction, UV Protection, Amazing Clarity Even in darker Shades, and Some Ceramic Films comes with IR Rejection.

What Makes Us So Special? With Rodz Tint Shop We Make Sure to Only Carry Quality Films at any Given Price Point, Make It Affordable and Accessible To Everyone, No Matter The Budget!

With Our Summer Sale We Make that Possible!

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This is our Second Location and we can ensure the Best Quality Job for an Affordable Price!