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Tim Kludt of has been in California for 40 years now. Originally from South Dakota he has been married to his wife Maria for 26 years. They have two children ages 21 & 8.

He started his auto glass repair business first in Costa Mesa in the year 2000. He moved the shop to Stanton where he worked for 5 years repairing every kind of automobile glass under the sun. He has been at his shop on Beach Blvd. between McFadden and Bolsa for 8 years.

Tim started working with glass back in high school when he was working for a screening company.  He then worked for Allstar Glass for 15 years before starting his own business. can do much more than windshield repair, windshield replacement and crack repair: they have a contractors license that allows them to work on commercial building glass up to 4 stories! Tim is a master glazier, if its glass he can install, repair or replace it. Tim is works with Spandrel glass the glass that’s used in most high-rise buildings.

Tim said that the legislation for mandatory air bags has made a huge difference in his business because the passenger side air bag deploys OFF of the windshield. In order for your car to be safe and for the airbag to work properly you must have a properly installed windshield. The air bag deploys with such force that an improperly deployed windshield can be popped out.

Tim Kludt
15142 Beach Blvd. #D
Midway City, CA
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