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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I want to show you some new products we have, some area rugs and custom floor mats. Basically, most rugs you’re going to find will have a very simple binding or a surging, and we now have fabric and leather lining which fancies it up a little bit. We’ve also got different backings we can use on these, if they’re on a hard surface, we’ve got backing we can put on so it’s not going to crawl, and if we’re going over carpet, you want to use a felt or a soft backing so we don’t have any reactions with chemicals staining your carpet. I’ll pass these out so you can check them out.

There’s also different corners, mitred corners, overlap corners, a few details you can get to keep these rugs looking really nice.

The next thing I want to show you is the custom floor mats. These can be used in your home, in a business, in schools, hotels, commercial events, we do just about anything with them. And there’s edging so there’s no trip hazards. These are all made on a CNC machine with a water jet. It’s amazing they can cut carpet with water and it doesn’t hurt it and you can make fancy edgings and shapes. I showed my boys, with a hard surface, vinyl, tile, if you have a business or know someone wants to do something fancy with an entry way, we can cut anything, put any name in any surface. We can put names, any logo, match any logo as long as it’s designed in a computer it can be fed in the machine and made. These are outdoor mats, we use the same type of matting for the Ocean View School District, they’re very durable and you can put anything you want or desire in it.

There’s only so much I can say about this stuff. Any questions about what can be done?

With this mat, how long can you make that? And what is the price?

As long as you want. The price depends on the material and how long it is. After these are all cut, they’re still put together the old-fashioned way, by hand. It depends on the backing you use. They can also be as long as this room. The machine they’re made on is a 12-foot table, but we can make it and piece it together. For movie premieres, just about anything. It’s a great option this time of year if you’re going to have family over and want to replace old flooring, you can get a nice rug to cover any surface at all.

It makes a great gift. We use to give these as Christmas gifts and they’re great gifts.

What is the difference in cargo vs. wood floor?

Wood is natural wood and laminate floor is a laminate. Same idea like old formica countertops, you have a dense floor they put it on and it’s a laminate, not real wood veneers, it is fake. From when they came out to today, it’s a totally different product. They distress them, put edging on them, they’re quite beautiful. A good laminate is going to be in the $6.50 -$8 dollar range and the low-end wood is going to be around $10. What I mean about low-end wood is more common wood, wood pieces, it’s going to be cheaper without distressing. Per square foot.

What kind of backing do you have? Olefin, nylon, wool, everything?

Everything. Leather. It’s pretty cool. Originally all you would see was binding or surging, but since those have come out, it’s quite nice.

You do special backings on the area rugs? So it will go on hardwood floors?

Yes, this is non-slip, it’s what I have in my house, it won’t scratch it, it won’t damage it, and it won’t move either. You won’t get any rug crawl at all with this backing. Felt backings run $1, rubber ones are $2.50 per square foot.

What if your laminate flooring has holes?

They can be repaired, depending on the age, the ones with glued edges, we can replace just that board without taking the rest of the floor up. The new ones, if you have damage 10 feet in, we have to take the pieces out from the edge until we get to the damage. We don’t have to replace it, but we have to take it apart until we get to the damaged area, fix that board, then replace it. Since there’s no glue, there’s no way to take out an individual piece in the middle.

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