Your Personal Jeweler: Guy Ballard of in Huntington Beach

Guy Ballard talked to us in detail about taking a longer perspective view when purchasing jewelry and then buying for quality and value with the next 5, 10 or even 20 years of enjoyment and peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a good purchase.

This February marks the Ballard’s 95th year in the Jewelry business (do I hear a party coming on?) and the Ballard brothers have seen it all: from yellow gold nugget jewelry styles to economic ups and downs to membership jewelry store to where they are now – CAD/CAM jewelry design, laser jewelry repair, computer controlled engraving machines that engrave inside a ring or on glass platters, glasses, bottles.

In all of this the Ballards have taken the long term approach: treat people well and they will tell others!

Guy then related to us the experiences that some new clients had had recently dealing with some other large jewelry retailers like Macy’s: they seem to be pushing credit card deals over jewelry products that they should be focused on, ie. if you sign up for one of their credit cards you will get a percentage off of your purchase price but what is the true, meaning not artificially inflated price? This new customer decided to return the Omega chain they were getting such a good “deal” on.

The lesson here is that are true Jewelers: they can build any custom designed jewelry or custom engagement ring from scratch for you and repair any jewelry that you may need repaired. They do NOT have to send things out to be repaired. They photographically document each diamond when it is submitted for repair. wants to earn your business and become your lifetime jeweler.

18400 Brookhurst
Fountain Valley, CA 92708