Videographer Terry Wall wants to remind you — Don’t forget to “bug” your videos!

Now before you start reaching for the “Off” or other brand of insect repellent, I’m talking about the little logo at the bottom of your video. MTV was arguably the first media outlet to use branded video content, way back in the dark ages of the 1980s, and over the decades, it has now become unusual to not find the little logo (sometimes called a “bug” or a “snipe”) in one of the lower corners of your screen. Next time you’re watching TV, take note of the logo and how/where it’s placed!

Branding is an important component in your marketing and it is fairly simple to apply your logo to your videos. Here are 3 still image examples from videos with “bugs” on them…check out the lower right-hand corner:


Call me for more information on how to brand YOUR next video, and enhance the continuity of your brand. And remember, I won’t break the bank shooting it for you!